Sunday, August 14, 2011

                                                              915 Oklahoma Avenue

Christ Church, UCC
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

UCC-"The United Church of Christ (UCC) is a mainline Protestant Christian denomination primarily in the Reformed tradition but also historically influenced by Lutheranism. The Evangelical and Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Churches united in 1957 to form the UCC. These two denominations, which were themselves the result of earlier unions, had their roots in Congregational, Christian, Evangelical, and Reformed denominations." (See Link 2.)

Christ Church is at 915 Oklahoma Ave. in the Bay View area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Sanctuary (Link 1.)

"From our founding in 1895, we’ve embraced a new language and culture (from German to English); we envisioned a new building in the midst of the Depression, and expanded it in the late 1960’s to better serve our families.  Over the years, we’ve witnessed over 4,500 baptisms, 1,500 weddings, and been home to nearly 2,500 members as one of Bay View’s strongest congregations.  Our members have a growing track record of reaching beyond ourselves: through refugee resettlement, supporting organizations like Habitat for Humanity, providing food, clothing, school supplies and even computers for those learning job skills.  Here are a few of our highlights:

1895 - The first services were led by Rev. Henry Niefer.
1896 - The first church building was dedicated at Russell & Pine streets.
1921 - The first English services were conducted.
1922 - Women were granted voting rights
              in the church.                                                                        .
1940 - Groundbreaking took place for current church on Oklahoma Avenue.
1945 - Christ Church celebrated its 50th Anniversary.
1968 - Groundbreaking took place for the Christian Education addition.
1993 - The elevator was installed.
1995 - Christ Church celebrated its 100th Anniversary." (See Link 1.) 

Original 1896 church at Russell and Pine St.
Note: In the 1950's Suzanne Wilson attended Girl Scouts at Christ Church. 
            When she graduated from Bay View High School in June 1956 the whole
            class attended a Sunday special graduation worship service during 
            which Suzanne fainted.
Photos: Top photo taken in 2006 by SW.
                Middle and bottom photo from Link 1.
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God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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