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Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church
1121 West Riverside Drive

Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes 
Catholic Church
Spokane, Washington

"In August of 1881, Jesuit Father Joseph Cataldo converted a carpenter's shop into the Church of St. Joseph, the first Catholic church in the Spokane Township.... Only five people attended the first Mass in that wooden shed which measured just fifteen by twenty-two feet.

1881 Church
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"Five years later, a large brick church dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes replaced the original structure, and a school opened under the direction of the Sisters of the Holy Names. 

1903 Church
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"The cornerstone for the present church was laid in 1903. In 1906, the new school was completed. In 1913,... Our Lady of Lourdes became the Cathedral for the newly created Diocese of Spokane.

Sanctuary (Google Images)

"Since the church was remodeled in 1971, there is a mixture of old and new: Italian Romanesque style arches span the interior spaces while a square baldachino amplifies prayer and song for the congregation. The original Italian marble altar (See photo below.) depicting the sacrifice of Calvary supplies a stunning symbolic and artistic backdrop to the new altar -- the gathering table where the community of faithful share the Eucharist. 

Original Italian Marble Altar

"The sweet tones of the original W. W. Kimball organ in the loft complement the clear resonant notes of the Druffel Memorial organ in the transept.

 Pipes of Original W.W. Kimball Organ 
 Balcony, Rear of Church

 "The crowning beauty of the Cathedral is the Bavarian stained glass windows which create a panorama of Judeo-Christian history and tradition.  The restoration of the stained glass windows was completed in 1991." (Link 1.)

Side Sanctuary Window
Birth of Jesus

Side Sanctuary Window
Jesus in the Temple

Side Sanctuary Window
Wedding at Cana

West Transept Rose Window

East Transept Rose Window

The main entrance to the magnificent cathedral is through three sets of double  brass doors on Riverside Dr.  Each door is surrounded by white and pink brick columns and arches.

Center Front Doors

The Campus of the Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes dominates  the north side 1100 West Riverside Drive in Browns Edition, west of down town.   The campus consists of the brilliant white Diocese Headquarters across the street to the east of the church, the church office to the west of the church, 
(the 1903 school picture above), and beyond that, the school.

Thank you: To Office Manager Rachel Rowley for providing access to the Cathedral.
Photos: Taken in 2012 by SW and from Link 2.
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God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)
orld. Amen

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