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161 East 12th Street
South West Corner of East 12th Street and St. Georges Avenue
Built in 1912
First Baptist Church
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

The Building Permit Book at the North Vancouver Archives lists the Baptist Church at 161 East 12th Street as being applied for in 1912.  That the church was on the south west corner of East 12th Street and St. Georges Avenue in the City of North Vancouver is confirmed by its listing in the 1912 City Directory.  By 1925 the City Directory refers to the church as "First Baptist Church" and its address as 161 East 12th Street.

Fire Insurance Map 1930
(Church in solid blue)

This 1912 clapboard church had front and side gabled roofs with knee braces.  It had an upper and lower floor and a basement. The front entrance to the church faced East 12th Street. (See top photo.)  

The 1930 Fire Insurance Map outlines its shape and position on the corner. It also mentions its height to the eaves and being 25 feet. (It also lists the address as 165.)

Renovation Plans

The June 1940 Proposed Renovation Plans by Mercer and Mercer Architects, the Birks Building, Vancouver show four views of the changes to the First Baptist Church at 161 East 12th Street.  The photo below shows the renovations completed.  The 1965 Fire Insurance Map describes the siding as "rough cast stucco". (It also lists the address as 172.)

Entrance East 12th Street
(Photo taken in 1967)

St. Georges Avenue Side
(Photo taken in 1967)

The firm of Mercer and Mercer Architects also designed Shaughnessy Hospital in 1940,  (Link 1.)  additions to John Oliver School in 1950 and 1954, (Link 2.)  and The Waldorf Hotel in 1947, (Link 3.) all in Vancouver. 

The final listing  in the City Directory at the North Vancouver Archives for the First Baptist Church at 161 East 12th Street is in 1967.  A note accompanying the 1967 photos of the church (above) states the date at June 1967 and that the church is "ready for demolition".

1965 Fire Insurance Map
(Church in solid pink)

Note:For more information on the site at
           161 East 12th Street,see Blog Demolition Mama at
  "104 Fires in the City" 
           Thursday, 1/7/2010 .

Photos: Copied and photo shopped from files at the North Vancouver Archives,
           photos and Fire Insurance Maps 1930 and 1965.
Link 1.
Link 2.
Link 3:


God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen

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