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                                                                                                       February 17, 2013

                                                         1400 Sutherland Avenue

Evangelical Free Church
North Vancouver, B.C.

The Evangelical Free Church was the original building on the corner of Sutherland Ave. and East 14th Street.  It can be seen as the right, lower building in the photo above.  According to the City Directories at the North Vancouver Archives The North Vancouver Evangelical Free Church first met in the home of its pastor the Rev. Emil G. Axene at 1416 Sutherland Ave. in 1949.  In  1952 a separate building  is listed for The North Vancouver Evangelical Church.  It is listed as being on the east side of the 1400 block of Sutherland Ave.  The minister was Rev. E. G. Axene. 

1960 Fire Insurance Map

In 1984 the North Shore Christian Centre purchased the property and The Evangelical Free Church building was used as its sanctuary.  Work bees of volunteers from the congregation then added the higher section of the building pictured on the north side of the building.  This area in now includes the church office,  and the hall to the sanctuary.   The Prayer Room is the old sanctuary that was the original Evangelical Free Church.  

                                   Prayer Room of North Shore Christian Centre
                                 Original Sanctuary of Evangelical Free Church

"The Evangelical Free Church of Canada (EFCC) is an association of autonomous and interdependent evangelical Christian congregations in Canada." (Link 2.)

Note: For more about the church at 1400 Sutherland Avenue
                 see Blog Post at 12/4/11.
Photos: Taken in 2011 by SW.
                 Top photo in Y2K Project on file at the North Vancouver Archives.
Link 2:


God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen

Evangelical Free Church
1400 Sutherland Ave.
North Vancouver, B.C.

City Directory-1942-E. 13th and 14th intersection
                                          Bush here
                               1945-no listing on  1400 Sutherland Ave.
                                          no listing of any Axene
                               1949-1416 Sutherland Ave.
                                          Rev. Emil G. Axene (Rosa O.)-es New House
                                                          pastor NV Evangelical Free Church
                                                          at 1416 Sutherland Ave.
                              1950-(same as 1949)
                              1951-Rev. E. Axene-es New House
                              1952-es Evangelical Free Church
                                         1416 Rev. E. G. Axene-es New House
                              1954-es Evangelical Free Church
                                         1416 Rev. E. G. Axene
                              1958-1400 block Sutherland Ave.
                                        es Evangelical Free Church
                                         Rev. C. W. McGee pastor
                              1972-Evangelical Free Church
                                         Rev. Chas Sinclair pastor
                              1982-Evangelical Free Church
                                          Rev. G. Kayser pastor
Building Permit Book-no entry

1960 Fire Insurance Map

Research at the North Vancouver Archives by Suzanne Wilson-2011

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