Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nativity Scene-Highlands United Church, North Vancouver, B.C.
(See Blog Post 12/22/13.)

Churches On Sundays
Year 2013 


B. C.-Britannia Beach-Beach Church-November 3, 2013.

B. C.-Cloverdale-Cloverdale United Church-17553 58th Ave.-5/12/13.

B. C.-Courtenay-St. John The Divine Anglican Church-9/29/13.

B. C.-Horseshoe Bay-St. Monica's Anglican Church-6404 Wellington Ave.-

B. C.-North Vancouver City-Posthumous Churches of the City of North  
B. C.-North Vancouver-Posthumous-Evangelical Free Church-
           1400 Sutherland Ave.-2/17/13.
B. C.-North Vancouver-Poshumous-First Church of Christ Scientist-
           185 East Keith Road-1/27/13.
B. C.-North Vancouver-Posthumous-Foursquare Gospel Lighthouse-1/20/13.
B. C.-North Vancouver-Posthumous-Methodist Church/ 1911-1914-10/6/13.
B. C.-North Vancouver-Posthumous-North Lonsdale Presbyterian/St. 
           Stephen's Presbyterian/St. Andrew's and St. Stephen's Presbyterian 
           Church-2641 Chesterfield Avenue-6/16/13.

B. C.-North Vancouver-Capilano United Church-226- Phillip Ave.-2/24/13.
B. C.-North Vancouver-Highlands United Church-3255 Edgemont 
B. C.-North Vancouver-Lion's Gate Hospital Chapel-231 East 15th St.-
B. C.-North Vancouver-North Shore Alliance Church-201 E 23rd St.-12/8/13.
B. C.-North Vancouver-North Shore Bethel Christian Brethren Church-
           185 East Keith Road-1/3/13.
B. C.-North Vancouver-St. Andrew's and St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church-
           2641 Chesterfield Ave.-1/3/13.
B. C.-North Vancouver-Saint Thomas Aquinas Chapel-541 West Keith Road-
B. C.-North Vancouver-Salvation Army-105 West 12th St.-3/24/13.
B. C.-North Vancouver-Sisters of the Child Jesus-Convent Chapel-
           524 West 6th Street-6/2/13.
B. C.-North Vancouver-The Bridge (Delbrook Baptist) Church-515 West
           Windsor Road-3/17/13.

B. C.-Richmond-Airport Chapel, Vancouver International Airport-
           3211 Grand McConachie Way-4/14/13.

B. C.-Surrey-Hazelmere United Church-1614 184th St.-5/5/13.

B. C.-Tofino-St. Columba Church-110 Second St.-1/6/13.

B. C.-Union Bay-Union Bay United Community Church5500 Old Island 
                        Highway/Highway 19A, 9/22/13.

B. C.-Vancouver-Mount St. Joseph Hospital Chapel-3080 Prince Edward
B. C.-Vancouver-Vancouver Buddhist Temple-220 Jackson Ave.-4/28/13.

Costa Rico

Costa Rico-Puntarenas-Catedral De Puntarenas-11-17-13.


Guatamela-Antigua-Inglesia El Calvario Church-12/15/13.


Korea-Seoul, Young Nak Presbyterian Church-1/13/13.


Mexico-Cabo San Lucas-Inglesia San Lucas-11/24/13.
Mexico-Puerto Vallarata-Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe-12/1/13.


Panama-Canal Cruise/San Diego, California to Fort Lauderdale, Florida-
                   Celebrity Millenium Cruise Ship/Sunday Worship-10/27/13.
Panama-Portabelo, Iglesia San Felipe Church-11/10/13.


Tunisia-Tunis/Carthage-Cathedral of St. Louis-9/8/13.

United States

California-Alameda-USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier-Chapel-9/15/22.
California-Downey-Downey Memorial Christian Church-8441 East Florence
California-Downey-First Baptist Church-8348 3rd Street-7/21/13.
California-Downey-First Christian Church-10909 New Street-7/7/13.
California-Downey, St George Greek Orthodox Church-8/11/13.
California-Huntington Park-St. Matthias Catholic Church-3095
             East Florence-6/30/13.
California-Whittier, First Christian Church-8/18/13.
California-Whittier, Whittier Church of Christ-8/25/13.
California-Zamora-St. Agnes Catholic Church-SE corner of Main St.
             and 2nd Street-7/28/13.

Nevada-Las Vegas-Little Chapel of the Flowers-10/13/13.

Texas-Houston-George Bush Intercontinental Airport/Interfaith Chapel-

Washington-Blaine-Christ Episcopal Church-382 Boblett St.-4/7/13.
Washington-Blaine-St. Anne's Catholic Church-604 H Street-5/19/13.
Washington-Blaine-United Church of Christ-885 4th Street-5/26/13.
Washington-Concrete-Mount Baker Presbyterian Church, 9/1/13.
Washington-Everett-Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church-
            2617 Cedar Street-2/21/13.
Washington-Tacoma-Meditation Room, SEATAC Airport-2/10/13.



God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen

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