Sunday, May 11, 2014

                                                                                                                          May 11, 2014

47-783 Monroe Street

Las Palmas Community Church
"A Nazarene Church of the Coachella Valley"
Indio, California

The Nazarene Church of the Coachella Valley "Started in a house in 1939 on Highway 99(now Highway 86) and Ave 61 in Thermal CA.  There were "Primarily two families (of the Millsap brothers and two teens).

"As the group grew, walls were knocked out (and the meeting area increased). At some pont the members felt they should find a place to move in Indio,  A place was found at Requa and Smur. (This church was dedicated in 1945.) This is where the Church remained until the present property was found and the Church was built." (REF)

1945 Church on Requa and Smur

Construction of church on Monroe, 1967

Las Palmas Community Church on Monroe Street was built in 1967.  Blond laminated beams were used in the vaulted ceiling of the sanctuary.  This was typical construction of the time and several other area churches were built with this same detail.  (See Blog Post for St. John's Lutheran Church,  5/4/14.)  Stone is another building material typical of the area, although the types of stone varies. (See Blog Post for Trinity Lutheran Church, 4/20/14.)

Corner Stone of church on Monroe, 1967

Front Entrance of Church on Monroe

The  double bank of  blond pews in the sanctuary match the blond laminated beams of the high ceiling.  A large cross dominates the chancel.


Greeting the congregation on Sunday mornings is a cheery hand painted mural in  the narthex. 

Narthex Mural

"We are a Christ-centered church that is biblically based.  We purpose to Encourage and love people, Equip believers for ministry, Evangelize the lost, Exalt His name and Enable fellowship."   A Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, and Children's Pastor lead programs  including: worship, Sunday School, prayer meetings, women's/men's/children's/youth groups. (Link)

Thank you: To Children's Pastor, Deanna Gibson for her help. Photos: Colored photos taken in February 2014 by SW.
Reference: Our History is His Story, 68th Anniversary Celebration, by Ruth 
                      Millsap, April 6, 2008.

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