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Reformed Church Wollishofen (Old Church)
 61 Kilchbergstrasse Road

Reformed Church Wollishofen(Old Church)
Zurich, Switzerland

Reformed Church Wollishofen (Rear View)

The Reformed Church, Wollishofen is in the area of Zurich, Switzerland known as Wollishofen.  Wollishofen is south of the Zurich city center and east of Lake Zurich.

"Formerly Wollishofen was kirchengenössig to St. Peter; from 1270 to Kilchberg. The Wollishofer thus marched Sunday after Sunday the route to "their" church. (In)1702 (their) own church was built. The householders of the community contributed to the construction at (with) 2070 pounds, the Obervögte of Kilchberg 1000 pounds. Mayor and Council of the City of Zurich donated £ 1,200, the renovated striking clock from the old town hall and what is necessary to jettison powder.

Sanctuary Stained Glass Window

"As a model for the building served (was) the church built in 1683 in Affoltern in Zurich. The foundation stone was laid on April 27, 1702; the inauguration on 26 November 1702 and neighborly help to build the church came from the municipalities Enge, Ries Bach, Hirslanden, Zollikon (money amounts) Wiedikon, Altstetten, Albisrieden (2 oaks, 6 fir), Rüschlikon, Bendlikon, upper and lower Leimbach (another timber). These forced labor were made ​​and donated in kind such as wine and bread grain for the workers.

Psalm 103

"The final settlement of Obervogt and councilor punch resulted in expenditure of 7501 pounds, five chunk and 2 pence a revenue surplus of 7 pounds 14 chunk. This money made ​​a donation of £ 100 by punch the ground floor of the new church property. , the former village church comes as a reminder of the former village of historic importance to. She was commissioned by City Council resolution dated 06.27.1968 under protection. 

Sanctuary Stained Glass Window (Side)

"Today the Old Church Wollishofen is also a popular (site for), intimate weddings.

Mathew 13: 1-23

"Bells:  (in)1702 (the church) possessed ... three bells, cast at Moritz Füssli, Zurich. In 1870 the average (middle sized bell) got a crack, in 1925 jumped the little bell. Therefore, a new peal by Rüetschi AG, Aarau 1925 was poured. From the ancient bells the little went to National Museum, the middle was melted down. The big bell, a very nice, decorated specimen has since been at the west entrance of the church. 
Psalm 145

"Art: 1948, the stained glass windows by Max Hunziker were installed. The organ was placed at the same time the choir off new to the gallery and look at the new stained glass windows in the choir was free. Later windows by Max Hunziker came in 1957 to do so. The windows of Hunziker is dedicated to a special sermon series in 2011. A more detailed description of the windows and the artist can be found in this PDF document. (Link 1.) (Tall narrow stained glass window are on both sides of the Sanctuary.)

Mathew 6 verse 21

"For worship and other religious occasions the little old church is used on the Kilchbergstrasse usually. The jewel is also a very popular church for weddings.
The church is located on the old road (Kilchbergstrasse) in the former sub-village and stands on edge of a slope....  Behind the church is the former cemetery, today unobstructed green area. The outdoor space is a simply designed green area. Particularly influential in the garden and around the church are the powerful, cut yews body. One way (cobblestone) leads to the church, the square in front of the entrance is also gepflästert. (Link.1)

In contract to the "Old Church" with its onion domed spire above a square bell steeple and clock, in 1937 a stark modern "New Church" was built up the hill, "On the Egg".  (See Blog Post 9/21/14.)

Photos: Taken in June 2014 by Richard Wilson while living and working in 
                 Basel, Switzerland.  His work also takes him across the border to small
                 towns in Germany.


God, be with persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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