Sunday, October 5, 2014

                                                                                                                    October 5, 2014

1840 Shingle Spit Road
Front Doors

Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church
Hornby Island, British Columbia Canada

Map of Hornby Island, British Columbia
Hornby Island, B.C.
(Google Maps)

"Hornby Island of British ColumbiaCanada, is a Northern Gulf Island parallel with Vancouver Island's Comox Valley....  The total land area is 29.92 square kilometres (11.55 sq mi)....A small community of 958 residents (as of the 2011 census) is distributed across the island.... In recent years the island has become a major tourist destination and its population easily quadruples in size during the summer months. Most people reach the island by taking a BC Ferry to Denman Island from Buckley Bay on Vancouver Island, and then a 30-car ferry to Hornby." (Link 2.)  (For more about this area see Blog Posts 9/29/13. 9/22/13,12/2/12, 5/15/11 and Demolition Mama Blog  Post 10/9/10.)

Church Sign at road entrance

"Holy Cross Church on Hornby Island was built on land donated by a parishioner in 1944 and officially blessed in 1950. This tiny chapel still has occasional services." (Link.) According to a notice posted in the Sacristy window, the services are held Sunday afternoons at 2 pm.  The church is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria, B.C.

Holy Cross Catholic Church
Side and Door to Sacristy

Side Window Panel of Sanctuary

 Hanging in Sacristy

Note: Snug in the bush next to the clearing for the church is the church outhouse.  This is the only church photographed by SW that has it own outhouse.

Church Outhouse

Photos: Taken in August 2014 by SW.
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God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

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