Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Basel, Switzerland

"The St. Peter's Church is a religious building in the Swiss city of Basel. She is the St. Peter consecrated and used by conversions and renovations since 1529 as a Reformed Church.

Church Plaque

"The aligned in east-west direction church is located on a rock in the Gross Basel's Old Town, where the Petersgasse and Kellergässlein meet.

"At this point there was already a church predecessor, who probably came from the 9th century. Until 1233 the former church was a parish church and Chorherrenstift expanded and renewed. The Basel earthquake of 1356 added to the building to serious damage, it had to be rebuilt. This was the choir reformed.
Church Silhouette

"The main section, called "Leutkirche", was after before the guidelines of the mendicant planned and completed before 1388th The choir is dated to the year 1494th

"A spacious nave with turned issten walls is of two aisles by light sandstone arches separated. The walls are decorated with images rich cycles and murals. In the south aisle is located around 1830 created work Entombment the mural and well-preserved in the "Keppenbachkapelle" the Annunciation (1400). The pulpit was built around 1620 and is Franz Pergoattributed. [1]
Organ Pipes
"The organ, which on Johann Andreas Silbermann back is also used for public concerts. [2] has the grinding shop-Instrument 32 registers on three manuals and pedal. The tracker action are mechanically. [3]

"The choir stalls of Ulrich brother contains religious and secular carvings with figures. Under the vaults are stone representations of the twelve apostles with their symbols.

"The choir is from the Virgin Mary and the Eberlerkapelle flanked. They contain both murals.

Side of Church

"Off the west side of the church there is a memorial stele with a bronze portrait bust of the Basel-born German poet Johann Peter Hebel." (Link)

Photos: Taken with his iPhone  in May 2014 by Richard Wilson while living
                 and working in Basel, Switzerland.
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God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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