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Die Kirche St. Johann in Davos - Davos
St. Johann Reform Church (Link 1.)

St. Johann Reform Church
Davos, Switzerland

"The Reformed Church St. Johann  (names for St. John the Baptist) in Davos in the canton of Graubünden is the oldest Talkirche in Davos and with a capacity of 800 visitors the most. The distinctive church tower with its six bells is formative for the townscape of DavosPlatz. 
The oldest buildings dates back to the 13th century. In 1528, which was both throughout Davos and thus also in the church of St. Johann Reformation introduced.

Big Bell Tower
"The big bell tower has a height of 71.2 meters and was built in the 1481st In the 16th century the tower roof had to be completely rebuilt after a lightning strike. Striking is the resultant twist since the shingle roof by 43 percent, which in the Alpine temporarily extreme weather conditions can be attributed. The tower is basically inaccessible, groups can visit it by appointment, however. 2003 the tower was newly shingles. 35 larches were beaten and made ​​from the wood shingles 73,000. 

Sanctuary and Nave
"Today's nave in 1909 rebuilt to more people being able to accommodate. The old pulpit from 1719 was, however, integrated into the new building. 

Organ on Rear Wall of Sanctuary

"In the same year was an organ on the north gallery built. It included 22 registers. Today's organ from 1961 has 30 registers and stands on the west gallery. She was of the Felsberger company Metzler Orgelbau created.

"The stained glass windows dating from 1928 submitted by Augusto Giacometti.
"From 2007 to 2009 there was a total renovation of the church, the tower on the facade to the ship inside the church. During the renovation, the located on top of the tower roof was time capsule opened the last time and refilled. The former contents were transferred to the Documentation Library Davos."
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Below the church sanctuary is the stone floored crypt with  tombs in the walls.  
Above the tombs are named and dated circular plaques.

1666 Paulus Jenazuis

1610 Johannes Bircher

1622 Rechten Von Sprecher, Doctor Beider

1611 Henrich Biaisch

1603 Salomon Buol

1666 Hans, Jac, Conr. Schvoler
Photos: Taken with his iPhone in November 2014 by Richard Wilson while
                 living and working in Basel and visiting in Davos, Switzerland.  
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God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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