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Welch Church, 2739 South Superior Street
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Welch Church
Bay View, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Rolling Mills Map
Source: 1901 map from the American Geographical Society Library, 

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries - See more at:
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"Bay View is a neighborhood in MilwaukeeWisconsinUnited States, on the shores of Lake Michigan, south of the downtown area and north of the City of St. Francis. Bay View existed as an independent village for seven years, from 1879 to 1886. 

"The first permanent European settlement of the Bay View area was in 1834;...[2] In 1855, ... The community was named for their scenic views upon the lake.

"The original Village of Bay View is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Bay View Historic District. According to the designation, it is roughly bounded by Lake Michigan to the east, Meredith Street to Superior, up to Nock Street and then from Wentworth Avenue to Pryor Avenue.

"Although the neighborhood boundaries of Bay View have grown over the years ... the specific boundaries given by the Milwaukee Neighborhood Identification Project are: along the border of Lake Michigan, south of Jones Island, from Lincoln Avenue to the north and Howell Avenue to the west, south to Morgan Avenue. ... Some sources list the southern boundary as Howard Avenue. The Bay View Historical Society includes the areas as far west as 6th Street, and north to Becher Street;... "One thing most Bay Viewites will agree upon is that Bay View is not necessarily defined by precise boundaries; it is more a state of mind...(Link 3.)

The Welch Church was built by Welch immigrants in 1873 and is the oldest surviving church in Bay View.  "From 1909 through  1956 it was the South Shore Lutheran Church pictured here (top photo)." In 1950 the Lutheran Church built a new church on Whitnall Ave. (Link 1.)  The building was then bought by and is now used by The Christian Science Society. (Link 2.)

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