Sunday, December 25, 2016

                                                                                                                December 25, 2016


  Annual Index


-Burnaby, B.C.-Burnaby Village Church, 7/24/16.


-Paris-Sacre Coeur9/25/16.
-Saint Louis-Saint Louis Catholic Church2/7/16.


-Markt-St. Nikolaus-Kirche/Evangelische  Kircchengemeide,    10/16/16.

-Kalterherberg, Monschau-St. Lambertus Church, 9/18/16.


-Florence-Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore/  "Cathedral of Saint Mary 
 of the Flowers"/Il Duomo di Firenze, 11/27/16.
-Florence-Bapisterey of Saint John, 11/13/16.
-Florence-Chiesa di San Salvatore al Monte/Catholic Church, 11/6/16
-Florence- San Miniato al Monte Church, 11/20/16.
-Gaiole, Chianti-Chiesa di San Sigismondo/Gaiole in Chianti/Church
  of St.          Sigismund12/18/16.
-Siena-Carthusia Pontiniani ,12/4/16.
-Milan- Santa Maria Del Carmina, 10/30/16.
-Milan-Santa Maria Della Vittoria Church
 Biserica Ortodoxa Romana/Chiesa Ortodossa Romena, 10/23/16.
-Lasnigo, Lombardy-Sant'Alessandro Church, 7/3/16.

-Modern Churches of Poland, 5/29/16.

-Palermo, Cappella Palatine ,8/7/16


-Cathedral of Santa Maria Saville, Spain, 4/3/16.

-Zurich- Frauminster/Church of Our Lady, 10/9/16.
-South of Zurich-Kloster Einsiedeln, 10/2/16.
-Eisiedeln-Eisiedeln Church and Monastery , 9/11/16.
-Basel-Evangelisch Methodistische Kirche/Tamil Christian Fellowship,
-Vevey-Swiss Reform Church, Saint Martin's, 8/14/16.
-Basel-Heiliggeistkirche, 7/17/16.
-Basel-Evangelical Reform Church,Uitikon,  7/17/16.
-Muttenz-Fortified Church of St. Arborgast6/26/16.
-Chiasso-Oratory of Our Lady of Fatima,  5/22/16.
-Gelterkinden, Basel-Gelterkinden Roman Catholic Church,  4/17/16.
-Basel-St. Clara's Church3/20/16.
-Olten-Roman Catholic Church St. Martinskirche,  3/13/16.
-Muri, Sins-Roman Catholic Church, Nativity of Mary3/6/16.
-Bern-Bern Muenster, 2/28/16.
-Basel-Paulus Church, 2/21/16.
-Zurich-Bahnhof Kirche/Station Church/Chapelle de Gare Zurich Main    Station1/31/16.
-Brunnen, Schwyz-Reformierte Kirche/Evangelische Remormierte
 Kirchemeinde,  1/24/16.
-Lugano-The Cathedral of Saint Lawrence/(ItalianCattedrale di San Lorenzo),

United States

-Bay View, Milwaukee, Wisconsin-Welch Church, 6/19/16.
-Milwaukee, Wisconsin -St. Lukes Episcopal Church6/12/16.
-Oakland, California-Lake Merritt United Methodist Church, 5/15/16.
-Milwaukee, Wisconsin-Bay View Baptist Church (demolished),  3/27/16.
-Milwaukee, Wisconsin-St. Lucas Evangelical Lutheran Church2/14/16.


-Churches of Norwegian Sun Cruise Alaska Inside Passage, 8/28/16. 
-Downey, California Area Churches, 8/21/16.
- Vancouver Island Churches, B.C. Canada, 7/31/16.
-Courtenay Churches Churches of Tofino and Ucluelet British Columbia, 
 Canada, 6/5/16.
-Churches of Bay View, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 4/10/16.
-Spokane Washington Churches, 5/8/16.
-Blaine Washington Churches, 5/1/16.
-Palm Springs Area Churches, 4/24/16.


Note: Photo is of one of 35 samplers in Suzanne Wilson's collection.
Photos: for blog posts in 2016 provided by Richard Wilson, son of Suzanne Wilson:  18 in Switzerland, 1 in Spain, 10 in Italy, 2 in Germany and 2 in France. He is living and working in Basel, Switzerland which is near the border of France and Germany.


God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

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