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Costa Pacifica at Malta Pier

Costa Pacifica Cruise
Western Meditteranean

At Easter in 2010 to celebrate his 70th birthday my husband, Alan, and I sailed on the Costa Pacifica  for their Western Mediterranean Cruise .  At each port that we visited, I photographed at least one church in the area.  

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When we moored in Savona we took the tour to Monaco where I photographed  St. Nicholas Cathedral. In Barcelona, Spain I, of course, photographed Sagrada Familia.  In Palma, Mallorca I
photographed La Seu Cathedral.  In Tunis, Tunisia I photographed Cathedral of St. Louis.  In Valletta, Malta I photographed Our Lady of Victory Church. In Catania, Sicily I photographed  Cathedral of Catania.  I also photographed Trinita dei Monti  and St. Peters during the week we visited Rome before heading to Civitavecchia to board the Costa Pacifica  for our cruise.

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The next year, 2011, I started my Blog "Churches On Sundays" at  The churches I photographed during our Costa Pacifica Western Mediterranean Cruise became the basis for posts on my Blog published 2011, 2012, or 2013.  These blog posts are presented in this booklet.

Map of Cruise Route

Thank you to Costa Cruise Ships for the wonderful and memorable cruise of the Western Mediterranean on the Costa Pacifica.  Thank  you to Scott Knutson, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, North America, Costa Cruise Lines Inc.

 for accepting this booklet "Costa Pacifica Western Mediterranean Cruise Churches"  and placing it on board the Costa Pacifica.  


God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

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