Sunday, May 21, 2017

St. Roch Cemetery #2
1725 St. Roch Avenue

St. Michael's Mausoleum Chapel
St. Roch Cemetery #2
New Orleans, Louisiana 

St. Michael's Mausoleum Chapel

"Located in the St. Roch neighborhood of New Orleans, this cemetery was established as St. Roch’s Campo Santo by Father Peter Leonard Thevis, pastor of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in lower New Orleans. Construction of the cemetery, modeled after the Campo Santo dei Tedeschi in Rome, began in 1874. In 1876, the chapel was completed and dedicated, the cemetery opening on the feast day of St. Roch. The eastern section of the cemetery (St. Roch Cemetery No. 2) was added in 1895 across Music Street." (Link 3.)

Chapel Statue

"One of the best cemeteries (and still free) to visit! St. Roch was the patron saint of dogs and miraculous cures. In cemetery #1 you'll find the National Shrine to St. Roch where those ailed by the inability to walk, or prosthetics, were cured. Their crutches, braces and medical walking boots are abandoned here inside the small locked room inside the shrine. The floor of the room is lined with bricks imprinted with the words "thank you" and people have tossed coins in thanks inside the shrine as well. Cemetery #1 includes beautiful Stations of the Cross as well. 

Chapel Altar

"In cemetery #2, you'll find more modern mausoleums and so many flowers! Clearly the residents of this graveyard have abundant perpetual care. This cemetery also includes some very intricate and breathtaking mosaics of biblical scenes.

"Walled ... cemetery. ... entry gates and above ground crypts. " (Link 2.)

"The public gate to this block square cemetery is on Music Street . The exterior appearance is much more mixed than the older Sain Roch's Campo Santo 1 and the red sheet metal gates for the service entrance behind the main mausoleum seem almost jarringly out of place."  (Link 1.)

Prayer Before a Crucifix

Photos: Taken in April 2017 by Suzanne's daughter, Amy, while visiting 
                 New Orleans.

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God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

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