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1700 Mountain Highway
South entrance

Mount Olivet Lutheran Church
North Vancouver, B.C.  Canada

Mount Olivet, or the Mount of Olives, "is a mountain ridge in eastern Jerusalem... (and) is named for the olive groves that covers its slopes.  At the foot of the Mount of Olives lies the Garden of Gethsemane ." It is the place where Jesus ascended into heaven ( Acts 1:9–12) and where it is believed that Jesus will return to earth. (See Link 1.)

The Lutheran church at 17oo Mountain Highway, North Vancouver, B.C is named for that spiritual spot.  It is named Mount Olivet Lutheran Church. The name of the church is depicted by a carving hanging on the narthex wall and repeated in the frosted glass on the doors to the sanctuary. (See Reference and photo below.)

The origins of the present Mount Olivet Lutheran Church congregation are a combination of two former congregations.  One was that of the 1940's North Shore Lutheran Church at 167 East 6th Street in North Vancouver. (See Blog Post 3/25/12.) 

North Shore Lutheran Church
167 East 6th STreet

 This church closed in 1954 and two years later a new mission congregation was formed as Mount Olivet Lutheran Church on Mountain Highway.  First services were conducted in the Lynn Valley Theatre and then in the new parsonage on east 18th Street until the church was built and dedicated on Oct. 21, 1956. (See REF.)

1956-Ed Hoffman and gang 
(REF. 2.)

View of original 1956 building
(Taken by SW 2011.)

The 1956 Mount Olivet Lutheran Church at 1700 Mount Seymour Highway was a two floors brick building with the entrance on Mount Seymour Highway.  The Sunday School was held on the first floor, and a bright sunny Sanctuary with the altar on the south wall on the second floor.  

October 1965 Worship Service in new Sanctuary
(Note dark wood ceiling beams.) (REF. 2.)

1956 Christmas in Sanctuary
(Note clear glass windows.) (REF. 2.)

The other congregation to join Mount Olivet Lutheran Church was  from St. Mark's Lutheran Church built in 1955 at 137 West 6th Street in North Vancouver, "half a block off Lonsdale". (See Blog Post 3/18/12.)

St. Mark's Lutheran Church
137 West 6th Street

 In 1969 this property was sold and the congregation eventually conducted temporary services at Eastview School.  They were then invited in 1970  by Mount Olivet to hold their services at their new church on Mountain Highway. (See REF.)

Although using the same church building the two congregations maintained their independence in organization and worship until 1974 when they became the Mount Olivet Lutheran Federated Parish. In 2002 they dissolved the Federation Agreement and became the ELCIC parish of Mt. Olivet Lutheran. (See REF.)
Front left window

In 1979, a new sanctuary was built on the east side of the 1956 building. The first floor of the 1956 building became the Narthex.  The second floor was divided into smaler rooms and became the Sunday School and Daycare area.

"The stained glass windows were crafted by Paul Kenney and dedicated in 1980, in memory of Jean Williams.  They were a gift from her family, relatives, friends and congregation...the nine windows depict the major festivals of the church year...At the front, left, is another stained glass window also depicting mountains and color symbolism, a memorial to Melita Fromson, added in 2000 by Bill Fromson." (See REF page 13.)

Side major festival windows

"In 1992 the sanctuary was renovated with chancel furnishings and reredos in worshipful depiction of "The Mountains of The Lord", designed by Ernst Schwidder, and pews.  The ... entrance was enhanced... " (See REF page 16.)

"The Mountain's of the Lord"

This welcoming congregation  holds a Sunday Bible Study at 9:30 am (held on Tues. at 10 am after 2013) and worship service at 10:00 am. 

Note: For more history see Blog Post 3/18/12 nd 3/25/12.
Note: Suzanne Wilson visited the Garden of Gethsemane and the Mount  
            of  Olives in 1992 when she joined a tour of Baptist ministers from
            Georgia and Mississippi on their way to Israel.
Photos: Taken in March 2011 by Suzanne Wilson.
Reference 1: Celebrating Fifty Years of Grace, October 22, 2006.
Reference 2: Photo binder in bookshelf of church Narthex.
Link 2:



God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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