Sunday, April 17, 2011

                                                                                                                        April 17, 2011

Palm Desert Community Presbyterian Church
featuring Sanctuary window
Palm Desert Community Presbyterian Church
Palm Desert, California

Palm Desert Community Presbyterian Church was built in 1968 by  Berton Lamb and the Architects were Powell, Morgridge, Richards  Coghlan.   It is a modern cement building in southern Palm Desert at 47321 California State Highway 74 near El Paseo and at the base of Shadow Mountain. "President Eisenhower was the honorary building chairman as he attended and was a member for many years up until his death...

Eisenhower bust and side of Palm Desert Community Presbyterian Church

Bust of President Eisenhower on path in front of Palm Desert Community Presbyterian Church

There is a pew in the sanctuary dedicated to he (President Eisenhower) and his wife ...the stained glass window was placed there because of security concerns when he was in his pew...

Wayside Prayer Chapel

Wayside Prayer Chapel

At the parking lot entrance to the church is a Wayside Prayer Chapel which is a mini version of the sanctuary and at that location  where the President's limos parked when he was here." (e mail Floyd Vail)

Front entrance of Palm Desert Community Presbyterian Church
There seem to be many architectural references to skiing in the design of the building. The church itself seems shaped like a  giant cement  ski jump.  The photo above is of the back of the church with the center sanctuary window and framed by towering palm trees. At the  Wayside prayer chapel a large cross is featured on the side opposite the front entrance to the church. The chapel like the rear of the church is framed in tall palm trees. Between the chapel and the church entrance is a walk flanked with date palms. The roof from the entrance to the the rear of the sanctuary  is an extreme curved slope again reminiscence of that on a ski jump. Inside the large modern sanctuary the roof shape also reminds one of skiing.  This time it is the slope and bottom curve of each side of the ceiling which as it meets the side walls. Each side  is curved up like the tip of a ski. 
Sanctuary of Palm Desert Community Presbyterian Church

Traditional Sanctuary Services are held every Sunday at 8:30 and 10:15 am.

Thank you: To Floyd J. Vail for his e mail with information about the church.
Photos: Taken in February 2011 by SW.


God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)


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  2. Thank you for appreciating the work I put into this blog. My resources include: Wikipedia, church websites, North Vancouver and local Archives, phone calls and e mails with church staff and clergy,and conversations while photographing the churches. Church members are very generous in e mailing me copies of church histories and photos. Thank you to them all.

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  4. I found an old picture of Lynnmour Church in here. My Granny taught Sunday School there in 1958, It was before my time but so interesting and made me feel a bit closer to her. Thank you.