Sunday, December 4, 2011

                                                                                                                           December 4, 2011
                                             East 14th Street Sanctuary Entrance

North Shore Christian Centre
North Vancouver, B.C.

"Founded upon a vision received from God, a small group of pioneers, out of a home meeting, formed the North Shore Christian Centre.

"The Inglewood Community Centre, in West Vancouver, became our place of worship for the next three years. By this time approximately 70 people were attending church regularly and it became evident that we needed a place where we could meet together during the week for Bible Study and Prayer.
In the summer of 1984, we purchased the actual church property where we are now located. (at 1400 Sutherland Avenue in the City of North Vancouver, B.C.)

"Due to God's increase and blessing, we have expanded our facilities to accommodate our growing needs.

"We are dedicated to the training of young men and women to fulfill the calling of God in their lives and to reach the lost for Jesus Christ in our generation." (Link.)

1400 Sutherland Avenue Entrance
Original Entrance to the Evangelical Free Church

The Evangelical Free Church was the original building on the corner of Sutherland Ave. and East 14th Street.  It can be seen as the right, lower building in the Sutherland Ave. Entrance photo above.  According to the City Directories at the North Vancouver Archives The North Vancouver Evangelical Free Church first met in the home of its pastor the Rev. Emil G. Axene at 1416 Sutherland Ave. in 1949.  In  1952 a separate building  is listed for The North Vancouver Evangelical Church.  It is listed as being on the east side of the 1400 block of Sutherland Ave.  The minister was Rev. E. G. Axene. 

In 1984 the North Shore Christian Centre purchased the property and The Evangelical Free Church building was used as its sanctuary.  Work bees of volunteers from the congregation then added the higher section of the building pictured on the north side of the building.  This area in now includes the church office,  and the hall to the sanctuary.   The Prayer Room is the old sanctuary that was the original Evangelical Free Church.  

                                   Prayer Room of North Shore Christian Centre
                                 Original Sanctuary of Evangelical Free Church

Next the work bees constructed much of the new sanctuary wing that is in the top photo. Inside the triple front doors is a foyer leading to the sanctuary.  The pews are arranged in a semi circle with a stairway on the west wall leading to the balcony.
                                       Sanctuary of North Shore Christian Centre

Previous to construction stained glass windows from another church were purchased at an antique shop.  Three of these can be seen in the top photo as they sit above the triple front doors to the sanctuary. Three others are in the sanctuary on the north wall at the level of the balcony. At the level of the balcony on the west wall is a large, approximately 6' X 8', painting of Jesus and the Disciples in their fishing boat on a stormy Sea of Galilee. (As described in the Book of Matthew 8:23-27.) This  dynamic painting was done by one of the members of the congregation.

Three Sanctuary Antique Windows

Jesus and Disciples on Sea of Galilee

The format of the Sunday worship service is "Open Forum" with spontaneous participation by the members of the congregation.  The "Visitor's Guide" outlines "scriptural methods of worship to God" based on the Book of Psalms.

                     Sketch from North Shore Christian Centre "Visitor's Guide"

The format of the Sunday worship service is "Open Forum" with spontaneous participation by the members of the congregation.  The "Visitor's Guide" outlines "scriptural methods of worship to God" based on the Book of Psalms.

Photos: Taken in 2011 by SW.
                 Black and White photos taken in 2004 are on file at the North
                 Vancouver Archives.
                 Color photo in Y2K Project on file at the North Vancouver Archives.
Appendix: Research on Evangelical Free Church available on request.
Thank you: To members of the congregation for sharing information
                about the church.



God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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