Sunday, December 25, 2011

Churches On Sundays
Year 2011


B.C., Courtenay, St. Andrew's Pioneer Church, 5/15/11.
B.C., Metchosin, St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church 3/20/11.
B.C., Mill Bay, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, 9/25/11.

B.C., North Vancouver, Deep Cove United Church, Posthumous, 4/10/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, Lynn Valley Methodist Church, Posthumous, 1/30/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, Lynnmour United Church, Posthumous, 2/20/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St.-Clara-in-the-Cove Anglican Church 
                                               (Poshumous 2015) 4/3/11.

B.C., North Vancouver, Jehovah Witness Church, 2/27/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, Mount Olivet Lutheran Church 3/27/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, North Lonsdale United Church1/23/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, North Shore Christian Centre, 12/4/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Agnes Anglican Church, 2/6/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Posthumous, 
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Andrew's United Church, 1/9/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Catherine's Anglican Church,  1/16/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Clements Anglican Church,  11/23/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Edmund's Catholic Church, 6/19/11.
B.C., North Vancouver, St. Pius X Catholic Church, 11/6/11.
B.C., North Vancouver,  St. Richard's Anglican Church,  1/2/11.
B.C., Vancouver, Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, 12/18/11.


France, Paris, Notre-Dame Cathedral, 7/31/11.


Monaco, Monaco, St. Nicholas Cathedral, 5/29/11.


Israel, Sea of Galilee, Church of the Beatitudes, 8/21/11.


Italy, Rome, Trinita dei Monti, 6/5/11.
Italy, Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica,  4/24/11.


USA-Alaska, Savoonga, Savoonga Presbyterian Church, 3/6/11.

USA-California, Alameda, First Congregational Church/United Church of 
           Christ, 9/4/11.
USA-California, Alameda, First Presbyterian Church, 5/22/11.
USA-California, Alameda, St. Joseph Bacilica, 9/11/11.
USA-California, Cathedral City, Glory to God Ministries, 10/2/11.
USA-California, Cathedral City, St. Louis Catholic Church,  10/9/11.
USA-California, La Quinta, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, 7/3/11.
USA-California, Palm Desert, Palm Desert Community Presbyterian Church

USA-California, Palm Desert, Peace Lutheran Church of Palm Desert,
USA-California, Palm Desert, St. Margaret's Episcopal Church,  10/15/11.
USA-California, Palm Springs, Palm Springs Baptist Church, 11/13/11.
USA-California, San Francisco, Holy Trinity Cathedral, 7/10/11.
USA-California, Stanford, Stanford Memorial Church, 7/24/11.

USA-California, Woodside, Woodside Village Church, 12/11/11.

USA-Oregon, Ashland, First United Methodist Church, 8/7/11.
USA-Oregon, Baker City, St. Francis De Sales Catholic Cathedral Parish, 5/8/11.

USA-Washington, Port Angeles, First Baptist Church, 6/12/11.
USA-Washington, Spokane, Calvary Chapel, 8/28/11.
USA-Washington, Spokane, First Church of the Nazarene, 6/12/11.
USA-Washington, Spokane, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 10/30/11.

USA-Washington, Spokane, St. Aloysius Catholic Church,  3/13/11.
USA-Washington, Spokane, Whitworth Community Presbyterian Church,

USA-Wisconsin, Kaukauna, Trinity Evengelical Lutheran Church, 11/20/11.
USA-Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Bay View United Methodist Church, 7/3/11.
USA-Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Christ Church UCC, 8/14/11.

Vietnam, Saigon Hochiminh City, Saint-Marie Cathedral/Saigon Notre-Dame
          Basilica, 9/18/11.

                                                     Special Edition
USA-USA Memorial Day, "The Wall", 5/30/11.
USA/Canada, Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day, "The Wall", 11/11/11.
                                                Suzanne and brother Mark, 1944
Photos: Top photo  taken in 2011 by SW.  A photo of a musical church
                 Christmas ornament given to Suzanne in the 1980's by her brother
                 Mark Frank.
                 Bottom photo taken by Orville Frank, father of Suzanne and Mark
                 Frank, and modified by SW.  A 1944 Christmas photo of Suzanne and
                 Mark in the living room of their home on Logan Avenue in
                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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