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132 East 12th Street, 1968
(North Vancouver Archives Photo #3917)

Foursquare Gospel Lighthouse
North  Vancouver, B.C. Canada

"The early 20th century evangelist was a pioneer of women in religion.  Having experienced a profound religious conversion at age 17, Aimee began preaching across the United States and later, the world.  In 1918, she established her base in Los Angeles, California, where in 1923, the 5,300 seat Angeles temple was dedicated and became the center of her revival, healing and benevolent ministries.  She was the first woman to own and operate a Christian radio station.  Her sermons were the first to incorporate the contemporary communications of that day into her preaching of the Gospel.  From Angelus Temple she performed and extensive social ministry, providing hot meals for more than 1.5 million people during the Great Depression.  She summarized her message into four major points known as “The Foursquare Gospel,” and founded a denomination called The Foursquare Church.

"A graduate of L.I.F.E. Bible College in Los Angeles,  Anna D. Britton moved to Vancouver, B.C. in 1927, established L.I.F.E. Bible College of Canada in 1928 and grew a small group of believers into a congregation (Kingsway Foursquare Church) of nearly 1,000.  Her vision prompted her to extend the Foursquare Gospel to the three western provinces of Canada over which she served as Supervisor for many years." (Link.)   

Foursquare Gospel Lighthouse
(1930 Fire Insurance Map)

The 1930 North Vancouver Fire Insurance Map gives evidence that the Foursquare Gospel Lighthouse was the resident in the British Israel Association building in the 100 block of East 12th Street.  The 1931 and 1934 City Directories list the address of the North Vancouver Tabernacle  as being 130 East 12th Street.  The British Israel Association is also noted in parentheses  at this address.  After these dates  there is no listing in the City Directories  of the Foursquare Gospel Tabernacle being in North Vancouver. 

According to the North Vancouver City Building Permit Book, British Israel was given a permit to build an "Assembly Hall" at 132 East 12th Street in 1926. The City Directory documents and 1930 Fire Insurance Map seem to indicate that this building was used by the Foursquare Gospel Lighthouse at least from 1930 to 1934.  This would be at the time that Anna Britton moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver and brought with her the Foursquare Gospel. (See Note.) 

The 100 block of East 12th Street in the City of North Vancouver was the site of several now Posthumous Churches.  The First Baptist Church was at 161 East 12th Street, 1912-1967 (See Blog Post 10/28/12.) St. Andrew's Presbyterian was at 121 East 12th Street, 1933-1955. (See Blog Post 2/13/11.)  The Jehovah Witness Hall was at 121 East 12th Street, 1955-1976. (See Blog Post 2/13/11.)   This building then became the Black Sheep Restaurant and was demolished in the year 2000 to make way for a small apartment building.

Note: The Kingsway Foursquare Gospel Church could not give confirmation of
            this information.
Photo: North Vancouver Archives Photo #3917.
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God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen

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