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3211 Grant McConachie Way

Airport Chapel
Vancouver International Airport
Richmond, B.C. Canada

"In 1927 Charles Lindbergh refused to include Vancouver in his North Americantour because of the lack of a proper airport. Two years later the city purchased land on Sea Island for aviation purposes, replacing the original grass airstrip at Minoru Park. During World War II the airports and its original terminal, now the South Terminal, would be leased to the Federal government, and operated by the Department of National Defence and the Department of Transport. The airport was a base for Royal Canadian Air Force training, the crews and their families housed in a new townsite on the island, named Burkeville after Boeing president Stanley Burke. Funds from the lease were used to purchase additional land for new hangars and a production plant for Boeing Aircraft of Canada. (Link 2.)

"Our former location, in 1983, was the domestic terminal. Our present location was designed as a chapel when the international terminal was built. This June we will celebrate our 30th anniversary at YVR." (Layne Daggett.)

Entrance to Chapel Office and Chapel

The Airport Chapel is found in the south west corner on the arrival floor of the airport.  It is past the fast food outlets, the florist, the convenience stores, and the seating area.  This corner was a originally a ticket counter. In 1983 it was converted to the office of the Vancouver Airport Chaplaincy.  A volunteer will greet you when you enter the office.  Through the office and to the right is the Chapel. (Link 1.)

Chapel Worship Services

"The Chapel is hosted by a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers who offer: A friendly face and a helping hand for people who are travelling because of serious illness or the death of a loved one;o relax and reflect ... and share some concerns;A peaceful place o private prayer for all people and all faiths .... 
The colorful tapestry on the front wall of the Chapel is titled "Tree of Life" and was made by Mae Runions. 

One of the Chaplains can even arrange for airport airline staff to be married in a candlelight wedding in the Airport Chapel or nuptials on the top deck of a 747. (Link 1.)

Thank you: To Airport Chaplain Layne Daggett for information on the Chapel

Food/shelter for a stranded passenger, a new immigrant, 

a refugee cla

ima or Canadian citizk to Canada;A peaceful place of private prayer for all people 

Photos: Taken in February 2013 by SW.
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Dear God, Loving Father, 
Be with our children,  
Protect them, 
Guide them, 
 Give them strength.

(Note 2017 Update: 2017 Annual Report
   April 8 AGM Highlights: 

SUMMARY:  Here's what God has been doing in our midst:
  • 2016 Stats reveal that over 13,000 people entered the Chapel, of whom about 75% were Airport employees.
  • The Chaplain team made significant contact with more than 7,000 passengers and employees in the terminals outside the Chapel.
  • So, the total number of Chapel connections in 2016 within the YVR Community was over 20,000!  Much to be praising God for, eh?)

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