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                                                                                     June 23, 2012
231 East 15th Street
(Photo taken in 2013 from corner of East 13th Street and St. Georges Avenue.)

Lion's Gate Hospital Chapel
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

"The chapel at Lions Gate Hospital is open to persons of all faiths and religious traditions for prayer and meditation. It is located on the main floor 
near the Admissions/Discharge entrance, which is opposite Evergreen House
 (Residential Care). The chapel is open 24 hours a day.

"There is no chapel in Evergreen House.

"A chaplain is available on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Outside 
regular office hours, a team of on-call chaplains responds to emergencies. 
The chaplain is able to visit you at your bedside, or any other area of the 
Evergreen House that is comfortable for you.

"Chaplain's office hours. Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. The chaplain is a member of the Canadian Association for (Spiritual Care (CASC)). (*Andres Rebane, update.)

"Worship Services Evergreen House:
       Sunday Worship Service
         Sundays 4:00 - 4:30 pm 
Bible Study
 Friday (*) 3:00 pm 
 1 South
Roman Catholic Mass
 First Thursday of the month
 10:30 am (*)- 1-South.
 Hymn Sing
 Third Friday of the month 
 10:30 am(*)- 1 South (except July and August *)

Lions Gate Hospital Chapel:
Communion Service 
 Tuesdays (*2:00 – 2:30) pm for anyone 
who wishes to participate " (Link 1.)

The "sod turning" for the original hospital tower on East 13th Street was in 1959. Evergreen House, the extended/residential care building, was added in 1971.  And the Northern Expansion with the address on East 15th Street was built and then connected to the original hospital tower in 1979.   The hospital chapel is located in this Northern Expansion. (The New Chapel was dedicated on June 1, 1980.  The Hospital Chapel was located in a different place before. *) "There is also a new nicely appointed chapel." (REF.)

Original 1979 Chapel (REF.)

Hospital Chapel 2013

The hospital chapel in 2013 features a cross on the wall behind a large dark wooden altar.  The lighting on draperies frame the cross. The room also includes an electric organ and some hymnals.  A Bible and Prayer Request book sit on the altar.
Chapel Electric Organ 2013

Bible on Chapel Altar 2013

Several helpful pamphlets are available in the chapel.  Some of the pamphlets include "Saying God-bye to a Loved One Who Is Dying" and "The Ten Biggest Myths About Grief".  There is also the brochure  "Spiritual Care" describing services available from a Chaplain.  

 "The Spiritual Care services at Evergreen House are coordinated by the hospital chaplain.  Spiritual Care volunteers from various local churches are helping with the regular Sunday Worship services at EGH." (*)  Local church choirs have also participated.

Photos: Taken in April 2013 by SW.
Updated Information: * Andres Rebane, Chaplain Coordinator of
                 Spiritual Care
Reference: The Story of the Lion's Gate Hospital, 1908-1980, by Sally Carswell.
Link 1:

"Oh Holy One,
We pray for healing and wholeness for ourselves and others.
Help us to be aware of Your presence and guidance
Bless us with a sense of hope and strenth to endure life's circumstances
and with joy to live fully each day without regret.
Thank you for that, each of us matter to you, O God." (A. Rebane.)

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