Sunday, October 27, 2013

Celebrity Millennium Cruise Ship
San Diego Harbor

Celebrity Millennium Cruise Ship, Sunday Worship
September 22 to October 7, 2013
Panama Canal
San Diego, California to Fort Lauderdale Florida

The Policy of the September 22, 2013 Panama Cruise sailing of the Celebrity Millennium Cruise Ship was not to have a designated Chapel/Meditation Room. The Policy was not to hold any type of worship service at all.  However, when the Reverend Pastor Rankin from Nova Scotia persisted and offered to lead the service, a room was made available for 1/2 hour on Sunday morning for an interdenominational service.  That room was the Cosmos Lounge.

Cosmos Lounge of Celebrity Millennium
Sunday Worship Service Conducted by
Pastor Rankin

The Cosmos Lounge was on deck 11 at the rear of the ship.  At night it featured, a dance band, large dance floor, and lots of revilers.  But on the two Sunday mornings with the Reverend Pastor Rankin in charge and about 70 passengers who came to worship it became a reverent  space. And for those Sunday mornings  even the room echoed the reverence. 

At the entrance to Cosmos Lounge a large colorful 1979 LOVE statue welcomed the worshipers.  To them it announced "God's love".  The multi blue toned wave patterned carpet of the lounge reminded them of the Sea of Galilee.  And looking out the back widows of the lounge the mast on the ship's stern looked like the Cross.

1979 LOVE Sculpture

Carpet of Cosmos Lounge

Mast on Stern of  Cruise Ship

On the first Sunday of the cruise the theme of the sermon by Pastor Rankin was "The Gift of God is Eternal Life".  And if you look closely at the left hand pillar in the photo of Pastor Rankin preaching in the Cosmos Lounge, you can see a reflection that looks like a candle, a symbol of eternal life.

On the second Sunday of the cruise the theme was the "23rd Psalm" and Pastor Rankin made referenced to the sheep in New Zealand, where there are 4 of them for every person.  Pastor Rankin was ordained as a Baptist minster in 1958.  He has served as a Presbyterian minister for 55 years.

Thank you: To Pastor Rankin for arranging for leading us in worship the two Sundays of the Celebrity Millennium Panama Canal Cruise.
Photos: Taken September and October, 2013 by SW.
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God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen

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