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Posthumous Churches of the City of North Vancouver
(North Vancouver Neighborhood Map)

Posthumous Churches  
City of North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

(Listed by date built or in use.)

Name                                    Dates in Use               Address                  Blog Post Date
F* Moodyville Methodist, circa 1865-1901, Moodyville, 12/16/12.

D* Dorman's Shack, church use-late 1890's to 1900 Anglican/1903 
      Presbyterian, East 13th Street at Lonsdale Ave., 9/2/12.

*** St. John's Anglican, 1900-1909, West 13th Street (moved to West 3rd and
       Chesterfield Avenue), 9/9/12.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian1904-1933, 100 Block East Keith Rd.,  11/18/12.

Baptist Church, 1909- circa 1912, corner of east 5th Street and St. Georges, 

F St. John's Anglican, 19o9-1985, West 13th Street, 9/16/12.

Methodist Church, 1910-1915, 425 St. Georges Avenue, 10/6/13.

 Sixth Street Methodist, 1910-1926, 167 East 6th Street, 3/25/12.

North Lonsdale Presbyterian Church/St Stephen's Presbyterian Church/St. 
    Andrew's and St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, 1910-1961, 
    2641 Chesterfield Avenue/north side of lot, 3/3/13.

First Baptist Church1912-1967, 161 East 12th Street,  10/28/12.

*** First Church of Christ Scientist, 1925-2008, 185 East Keith Road, 1/27/13.

** Sixth Street United Church/St. Andrew's Church Hall,
     1926-1940's, 167 East 6th Street, 3/25/2012.

* Foursquare Gospel Tabernacle, 1930-1934, 132 East 12th Street, 1/20/13.

*** Sisters of the Child Jesus-Convent Chapel, 1932-2000, 524 West 6th Street, 

St. Andrew's Presbyterian, 1933-1955, 121 East 12th Street, 3/25/12.

D** North Shore Lutheran, 1940's-1954, 167 East 6th Street, 3/25/12.

Elim Pentacostal Chapel1942-1973, 124 West 8th Street,  7/1/12.

Hillside Baptist Church, 1950-1973, 139 East Lower Keith Rd., 2/9/14.

** *** Evangelical Free Church, 1952-1984, 1400 Sutherland Avenue, 2/17/13.

D St. Mark's Lutheran,  1955-1969, 137 West 6th Street, 3/18/12.

** Jehovah Witness Hall, 1955-1976, 121 East 12th Street, 2/13/11.

Sutherland Bible Chapel, 1970-1995, 630 East 19th Street, 1/19/14.

* Church met in existing building.
** Church bought existing church building.
*** Church buildings that continue to be in use.
F Destroyed by Fire
D Demolished

22 church congregations
17 church buildings originally built
13 church buildings demolished
5 church building used by other church congregations
2 buildings destroyed by fire
4 church buildings still in use
1 church building still used, but not a church

Note: For more information on the City of North Vancouver, B. C. Canada see


God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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