Sunday, November 9, 2014

Theodorskirch in the Wettstein-Quarter of Basel

Basel, Switzerland

"The Theodor church is a Reformed church in the town of Basel. The Gothic church is located in the Wettstein-Quarter and... St. Theodor." (Link 1.)

A document first records the church in 1084. "At the beginning of the 12th century it belonged to the monastery of St. Alban. It is located upriver from present-day Klein Basel in the later abandoned village of Lower Basel....Tombs from the 8th century were found 1947...When Basel earthquake (hit)  in 1356 large parts of this church were heavily damaged.... Both church towers were collapsed in part...Only the north tower was later rebuilt." (Link 1.) 
"Renovations took place 1941 to 1948." (Link 2.)

Exterior  Front Church Wall

The original organ was built in 1770...A new organ was built in 1917 by J Zimmerman...The organ was rebuilt and refurbished in 1978.  Then in 2005 (Link 3.) "the (present) organ was built by the organ builders Alfred and Daniel Kern."  Church concerts are performed occasionally. (Link 1.) 

Church Tower

Photos: Taken in August 2014 by Richard Wilson while living and working in 
                 Basel, Switzerland.  
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God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

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