Sunday, November 30, 2014

The original 1961 St. Pius X Multipurpose Building    
1150 Mount Seymour Road 
(2014 Photo)
                       (Now used as a gymnasium  of St. Pius X  Elementary School)
                (With living space and music room addition added to the front)

St. Pius X Catholic Church Multipurpose Building
North Vancouver, B.C.

St. Pius X Catholic church started as a mission of St. Edmund's Catholic Church (See Blog Post  6/26/11) in 1944.  It was started to serve the sizable Catholic population revealed in the census report of Deep Cove, the most western section of the District of North Vancouver.  The first mass was offered in a storage room, then across the street at the Deep Cove Community Hall.

"In 1960 six acres of land were purchased near the intersection of Mount Seymour Parkway and Mount Seymour Rd.," up the mountain and west of the community of Deep Cove.  "In 1961 a multi-purpose facility, including a pastor's residence (at the left end of the building in the photo below) and a hall seating six hundred, was built." (REF.) 

St. Pius X Catholic Church-1984

In 1981 part of the original property was sold and in 1984 a new church was built at 1150 Mt. Seymour Rd.

 St. Pius X Elementary School
North building

In 1997 St. Pius  X Elementary School was built.  The school has two buildings. The northern building contains the school office and classrooms.  The southern building is the original 1961 all purpose building and is now  the school gymnasium. The original all purpose building is seen in the two photos below-the elevated roof. The caretaker's living quarters and the music room were added on to the front of the building. 

West side of south gym wing of school
(Note elevated roof of 1961 Multipurpose Building)
South side of south gym wing of school
(Note elevated roof of 1961 Multipurpose Building)

For more information on St. Pius X Catholic Church see Blog Post 11/6/11.

Note: In this case Posthumous means that although the building is still in use 
          it is not used as a Sanctuary for Sunday Services.  

Photos: Taken in 2011 and May 2014 by SW.
Reference:Traditions of Faith and Service, Archdiocese of
                      Vancouver 1908-2008.


God, be with persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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