Sunday, February 28, 2016

Munster of Bern, Steeple 

Bern Muenster
Bern, Switzerland

Map of Switzerland

    Bern, Switzerland at     star circle (Lonely         Planet Map)

"The Bern Muenster (German: Berner Münster) is a Swiss Reformed cathedral, (orminster) in the old city of BernSwitzerland. Built in the Gothic style, its construction started in 1421. Its tower, with a height of 100.6 m (330 ft), was only completed in 1893. It is the tallest cathedral in Switzerland and is a Cultural Property of National Significance.  (Link 3.)

"Over the main portal is one of the most complete Late Gothic sculpture collections in Europe. This collection represents the Christian belief in a Last Judgment where the wicked will be separated from the righteous. This sculpture shows the wicked naked on the right, while the righteous stand clothed in white on the left. In the center is Justice, with Saints and the wise and foolish virgins around her. In the centre stands Michael the Archangel with a raised sword.
"The sculptures of the Last Judgement were the only statues in the Minster to survive the iconoclasm of the Protestant Reformation. The 47 large free-standing statues are replicas (the originals are in the Bern History Museum), and the 170 smaller figures are all original.[13] The Last Judgement was the work of one sculptor, Erhard Küng from StadtlohnWestphalia, which gives the collection a unity of design. The Justice sculpture is the only one that was done by another artist. It is signed by Daniel Heintz, who was the master builder after 1571. The rest of the statues were carved some time between 1460 and 1501, most likely between 1460 and 1480. (Link 3.)

Side Doors

Plaque stating history of church

Sanctuary (photographed by RW from a post card)

Mosesbrunnen Fountain in Munsterplatz 

"The Mosesbrunnen (Moses Fountain) is a fountain on Münsterplatz in the Old City of BernSwitzerland. It is a Swiss Cultural Property of National Significance[1] and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old City of Bern." (Link 4.)

Photos: Taken by RW with his i Phone while living and working in Basel 
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God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

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