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Roman Catholic Church, Nativity of Mary

Roman Catholic Church, Nativity of Mary
Muri, Sins, Switzerland

Muri, Sins, Switzerland
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"Sins is a municipality in the district of Muri in the canton of Aargau in SwitzerlandSins has an area, as of 2009, of 20.3 square kilometers 7.8 sq mi.... 5.65 sq mi  is used for agricultural purposes, while 1.37 sq mi  is forested...0.75 sq mi... buildings or roads....Sins has a population (as of December 2014) of 4,216.

Railroad Sign for Sins

"From the 2000 census, 2,350 or 71.6% were Roman Catholic, while 415 or 12.6% belonged to the Swiss Reformed Church." (Link 1.)

Entrance to Nativity of Mary

               "Historical background of the church Nativity of Mary

"The parish Sins introduces the Municipal House (originally the seat of the administration of the monastery Engelberg) and the Lower Kaplanei the historic "core" of the civic community represents.

Sanctuary and Chancel

Central Altar

Altar at Right of Chancel

Altar at Left of Chancel

Pulpit at Lest of Chancel

Rear of the Sanctuary

Ceiling of the Sanctuary

"The parish Sins to be an ancient parish by tales and legends and in 1245 first mentioned. But you suspected rightly that already have a 990 Mary's Church stood on this site. The original parish stretched from Risch (ZG) to Rickenbach (at Merenschwand) and included the towns Auw (incl. Rüstenschwil) Mühlau and Abtwil.

Dedication of a new church by Coadjutor Bishop of Konstanz. From this building is still the tower basement and the tabernacle obtained.

Completion of the expansion and renovation work and dedication

Parish Sins comes into the possession of the monastery Engelberg (Fathers exercised until 1849 as pastor and governor in Sins).

Parish Auw separates from Sins.

Church during the First Villmerger war theater of war and will be damaged heavily.

Parish Abtwil is independently

New inauguration of the church dedicated to "Mary's Birth" by the coadjutor of the diocese Konstanz

Installation of a large organ

Engelberg Abbey omitted "Kollaturrecht" at the parish Sins.

Consecration today six tower bells


First total renovation

Interior Renovation; in addition, the 7th bell is hung in the tower.

1997/99Outdoor Renovations "(Link 2.)

Sanctuary Statue

Sanctuary Statue

Holy Water Urn

Photos: Taken by RW while living and working in Basel Switzerland

Link 2: (translation)

God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)


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