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Burnaby Village Church

Burnaby Village Church
Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Plaque on wall of Church Narthex

"In a report to Mayor and Council in January 1972, the Chairman of the Burnaby Centennial '71 Committee (James.A. Barrington) reported on their activities to date. He noted that the committee had been tasked with providing a variety of events, and a permanent commemorative project. He also noted they had sponsored over 20 events and had completed the Heritage Village, “a small town reflecting the early history of British Columbia.” A sub-committee of the Centennial Committee was responsible for a permanent commemorative project. Chair Sandy Stewart worked with Richie Smith and Vic Stusiak to develop the concept of an open-air museum reflective of tram-stop community. The Interurban tram1223 and the Jubilee Station were their starting points. Architect and artist Rudy Kovacs was hired to come up with a design." (Link 1.)

Illustrated Map

Map of Burnaby Village
(See Church Next to Legend Heading)
(Link 1.)

"The museum opened with a blacksmith shop, buggy and bicycle shop, general store, land office, school house, manor house, ice cream parlour, apothecary shop, barber shop, dentist shop, Chinese general imports shop, print shop, and tram in November." (Link 1.)

Church Interior
(Link 1.)

"Nestled within our beautiful 1920s village and surrounded by gardens, the church is perfect for an intimate wedding, memorial or baptism. Hardwood floors, upright piano, traditional stained glass windows and 14 authentic wooden pews are just a few of the special features awaiting you in this quaint 80 person venue.
"Following your service, beautiful gardens and heritage buildings await, providing the perfect backdrop for your photos. During our open season, your guests are invited to tour the site where costumed townsfolk welcome visitors into their picturesque shops and homes. During our Special Event weekends, the village site may be altered or additional programming may take place within the vicinity of the Church...Capacity 84." (Link 1.)
Church Sanctuary

Window Above Altar


Narthex Table

Photos: Taken in May 2016 by SW during Brooksbank Elementary School, North Vancouver, B.C, field trip with her granddaughter's 3rd grade class.

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