Sunday, July 17, 2016

Thiersteinerallee 51

Basel, Switzerland

"The Heiliggeistkirche is a Built in 1912, Roman Catholic Church in the Swiss city of Basel . It is located in the district Gundeldingen and the Holy Spirit ordained.
"The church, together with the outbuildings a Baublockecke the street grid of the neighborhood . A church- rectory lying arched portico leads into a large courtyard .

"1897 acquired the Roman Catholic Church land at today Thier steinerallee. 1907 architect was Gustav Doppler commissioned to build the church. The original plans were in the following years from Freiburg diocesan builder Max Meckel slightly amended before 1911, the groundbreaking ceremony took place. On 26 October 1912, finally the Holy Spirit Church of was Bishop Jakob Stammler inaugurated, where 600 young people the confirmation received.

"The church is in spätneugotischen style of South German origin as three-aisled  basilica with lateral front tower designed.
"Inside the church has a neo-Gothic features with three from Freiburg Joseph Dettlinger carved winged altars , floral stained glass , murals with the Stations of the Cross , church benches and confessionals .
"The cellular vaulting is typical of pre-Reformation urban parishes in southern Germany. The designs for the architectural sculpture came from both Freiburgs culptors Ludwig Kubanek and his colleague Hans Weißenburger. The painting got Franz Schilling , who also came from Freiburg.

View of the Organ
 (Link 1.)

"The organ was founded in 1921 by the company Späth Orgelbau ( Rapperswil built).The instrument was predisposed romantic. 1982-1984, the instrument has been extensively renovated, while the interim changes undone. The instrument has now again 41 registers on three manuals and pedal." (Link 1.)

"The Heiligekirche has a huge white ceiling with arched sides. There are wooden benches for the congregation, marble and wood floors.

"Behind the main and side altars, there are gold figurines encased in a box that can be closed off. I really like the multiple arched white ceilings." (Link 2.)


Photo: Taken by RW with i Phone while living and working in 
               Basel, Switzerland.
Link 2:

God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

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