Sunday, October 23, 2016

Biserica Ortodoxa Romana

Santa Maria Della Vittoria Church
Biserica Ortodoxa Romana/
Chiesa Ortodossa Romena
Milan, Italy

"It is located at the intersection of street Via Susanna and Via Settembre... A wonderful church where you can see Bernini's best work, St Teresa in Ectasy...  “Every bit as impressive as Sistine Chapel”"... (Link 4.)

                                 Interior and Exterior Details
                                                           (Link 2.)        

                                            Exterior Plaque

                                               Front Doors

                                             Exterior Detail

" Four bronze medallions of the four brothers of Cardinal Luigi Omodei were executed in Rome by Bernini aid in the first half of the seventeenth century and used in four corners of the classroom to the obelisks of Santa Maria della Vittoria in Milan, transformed in this way in the family tomb of Omodei / Amadei." (Link 3.)

4031 - Milan - Santa Maria della Vittoria - Giangiacomo Tomb Omodei - Photo Picture by 14--7-2007.jpg
                                                   Tomb (Link 3.)
Note: L'Eroica is a celebration of Italian cycling during the heydays of the 40's and 50's whereby you experience the white roads of Tuscany.
Photos: Taken in Milan, Italy on iPhone by RW while  en route to the 2016
                 L'Eroica  Classic Bike Race in Tuscany, Italy.
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God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

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