Sunday, October 2, 2016

Front of the Monastery Church

Kloster Einsiedeln
South of Zurich, Switzerland

Side Court Yard Entrance of Monastery

The Einsiedeln Monastery with its departments and cathedral Assumption and St. Mauritius is an immediate Benedictine in the town of Einsiedeln in Canton Schwyz . The Abbey is an important station on the Camino de Santiago and even the destination of many pilgrims . The Black Madonna of Einsiedeln in the shrine attracts pilgrims and tourists .The community has about 60 members. The monastery is not part of a diocese , but has the status of a territorial abbey .
Since its inception in 1130, the Benedictine belongs monastery driving in Zurich to Einsiede ln Abbey, characterized by the abbot of Einsiede ln also the one of the monastery driving. Together, they form the world's only surviving double monastery in Benedictine Order (Link 1.)

The central building of the monastery is the twin Collegiate Church which was consecrated to 1735 in 1719 and was also designed by Caspar Moosbrugger.Considered the most important baroque church in Switzerland.

Photos: Taken on iPhone by RW while living and working in Basel, Switzerland.
Link 1: (translation)

God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

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