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The Church by the Side of  the Road
"The Church By The Side Of The Road"
Topsail, Newfoundland

Topsail is located on the east coast of  Newfoundland, south of the city of St. John's.  It is on Conception Bay and  part of the Conception Bay South Community.

The Church by the Side of the Road started in 1837 as a Wesley Methodist Meeting House.  The land was donated by the Butler family and is situated overlooking Conception Bay. A 30 foot by 18 foot building was erected from local timber by the community in 1836.

In 1871 a larger building with 2 rooms was erected to accommodate the growing congregation.  This is when it was named The Church by the Side of the Road.

In 1925 the church joined the United Church of Canada.

In 1977 another new church building was erected.  This larger church contains the original brass bell from the old church.

On 2002 another room was added to the back of the church.  This area includes a kitchen and new offices for the clergy. (Link 1.)

Photo: Copy of photo in Reference book.
Reference: NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR, deVisser/Blackwood, 1979. 
                       (Used book bought at the North Vancouver B.C. Restore by Alan
                         Wilson  2017.)
Link 1:


God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

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