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Santa Maria di Loppia Church

Santa Maria di Loppia Church 
Bellagio, Italy

"Bellagio  is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Como in the Italian region of Lombardy. It is located on Lake Como,...Bellagio is situated upon the cape of the land mass that divides Lake Como in two. (Link 3.) Bellagio is located in the extreme north of Italy, near the border with Switzerland.

"This small church is found in the hamlet of Loppia in the private park of the Villa Gerli. Loppia is found at the end of the garden of the Villa Melzi or if you are travelling on foot from Bellagio it would take you about 15 minutes by the road. The church is built in the Romanesque style with a bell tower crowned by small arches. Entry is closed to the public." (Link 1.)

Santa Maria di Loppia Church
(Side View)

"The church of St. Maria of Loppia has features  of remarkable antiquity; the shape of the windows and of the apse, the absence of decorations and the material of execution make suppose that the building was made at the end of the X century.

"Originally it was built by an irregular trapezium aisle with semicircular apse.  

"The lateral windows are long, double splay, disposed with irregular intervals, four towards South and three towards North.  The windows of the apse are instead wider.  A small cross shap window on the facade has its pendant to the back.

"The church became a property of the Benedictine nuns who modified it by ceiling the aisle and by building a small convent to the church.

"The church became in 1775 a property of the Venini family, who had to knock down the convent for the building of the wide path of Villa Giulia." (Link 2.)

Fenced Church Grounds

Photos: Taken in  April 2017 on iPhone by RW while  living and working
                in Basel Switzerland.

God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

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