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1958 Ridgewood Drive

St. Catherine's Anglican Church,
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

St. John's Anglican Church  in North Vancouver  sponsored the building of 5 other Anglican Churches in North Vancouver: St. Clement's in  1908, St. Agnes' in 1909, St. Thomas in 1910 that changed its name to St. Martin's in 1919, St. Catherine's in 1948, and St. Richard's in 1950. (Reference 1.)


In 1948 St. John's Anglican Church acquired new property in Capilano Highlands that would become that of the new St. Catherine's Anglican Church at 1958 Ridgewood Drive.  Architect Paul Hollingworth presented sketches of a proposed parish hall.  On June 13th fifty people sat on logs in front of the rough-hewn outdoor altar with St. John's loaned pump organ and choir for an open-air service on the grounds of the planned church.  Construction of a temorary structure called the "tar paper shack" began on Sept 18, 1948.  It was 24x48 feet and accommodated roughly 40 people and a wood stove.  The church met there for 3 years.  In 1949 the congregation decided to name the church "Church of The Holy Cross". (Reference 2.)
Memorial Window on east side of sanctuary

The second building, the permanent Hollingsworth designed structure,  to accommodate a larger congregation cost more than $30,000 and was completed in 1951.  A third building was designed by the architectual firm Sharp and Anderson and built in 1962.  The cost of this building was $175,000. To build it necessited demolishing  the Hollingsworth church since the same land was to be used.  Some of the items in the Hollingsworth church were installed in the new 1962 building: the pews, altar and rail, and cross in the chapel and  some pews in the sanctuary.  The new church sanctuary featured giant laminated beams and a balcony.  Other church features of today's church are the stained glass window on the east side of the sanctuary, three  tapestries at the back of the sanctuary, and exposed organ pipes in the balcony. (Reference 2.) (See photos below.) 
Rear of sanctuary, tapestries,  and organ pipes

North of the present church sanctuary is a hall leading to the chapel, church
office, and church hall. 

The congregation of St. Catherine's Anglican Church has recently welcomed the members of St. Richard's Anglican Church that was decommissioned early in 2010. (See Blog Post, Sunday Church Feature, St. Richard's of Norgate, January 3, 2010.)

Thank you: To the Rev. Christine Rowe for * and additional information.
References: 1. Faithful People of God, 1999 by Beth Lawrence.
                         2. *Journey of a Family, 1993 by Janet Morris.
Demolition: Of the 1951 building to make way for construction of 1962
Photos: Taken in October 2010 by SW.


God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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