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St. Francis De Sales Cathedral Parish
Baker City, Oregon

"Baker City is a city in and the county seat of Baker County, Oregon, United States.[4] This city was named after its county.[citation needed] The population was 9,860 at the 2000 census, with an estimated population of 10,140 in 2008. 1900 it was the largest city between Salt Lake City and Portland..." (See Link 3.) 5]

"St, Francis de Sales Cathedral is located on the corner of First and Church Streets.  Pope Leo SIII established the Catholic Diocese of Baker on June 19, 1903.  It included all of Oregon east of the Cascade Mountain range.  Before this time the region had been a part of the Archdiocese of Oregon City (later Portland).  The Pope likewise named Father Charles J. O'Reilly of Portland to be the first Bishop of Baker.  Almost from the beginning, the new Bishop took steps to inaugural a fund for the building of a new Cathedral.  On Sunday, may 14, 1905, Mass was celebrated for the last time in the old Mission Church of St. Fancis de Sales.  The old church was removed from the site on May 20 1905 and ground broken for the new Cathedral on May 24, 1905.  The foundation stone was laid down in 1906. (2235 First Street.)
Sanctuary of St. Francis De Sales Cathedral 2011

                                                               Baptismal Font

"The architect, M. ". White of Baker described the new Cathedral: "The style of the Cathedral is pure Gothic.  The building proper is 144 feet from front steps to rear of balustrade wall.  The front, including steps, towers, etc. is 68 feet wide and the nave is 48 feet.  Two imposing towers rise superbly above the structure to a height of 112 feet from the ground.  The entire building was built of Pleasant Valley local stone, known also as volcanic tuff.  The Cathedral proper will be 44 feet high from floor to apex of Gothic ceiling" ....Since equipment was limited at that time, a horse was positioned underneath the spires and kept going around and round, while the stones were lifted up higher through a pulley system.

                                                               Balcony pipe organ

"The original plans called for the church to extend to the curb, but because of lack of funds, the length of the Cathedral was shortened.  The official dedication of the Cathedral was held on April 9, 1908 with many  prelates and priests and parishioners in attendance...."On Sunday evening, Jan. 14, 1912 ,the new pipe organ in the Cathedral was solemnly bless. During August and September 1920, the wooden steps were replaced with present concrete one... 
                                    Appellations from the Litany of Loreto, 1958

"8 new stained glass windows were installed by the middle of May 1923 crafted by the Povey Bros. of Portland.  The larger ones cost $1000 each and the smaller ones $500.  The first major renovation was undertaken in 1944..., a second renovation of the Cathedral began on June 26, 1958.  The 2 newer stained glass windows in the sanctuary of the Church were designed and built by the Rambusch Decorating Co. of New York and Cost $8,100 each, and were blessed by Bishop Leipzig on June 14, 1959.  The new smaller Stained glass windows under the choir loft were blessed...on April 10, 1965.

                                      Appellations from the Litany to the Sacred
                                                            Heart of Jesus, 1958   
"In 1975...Lee Kelly, a noted Oregon metal sculptor (was commissioned) to design new Cathedral doors." 

More renovations took place in 1980 and 1981 and again in 2007 in preparation for the Cathedral's centennial in 2008. "...relocating the tabernacle under a baldacchino, placed under the apse which was restored, as were the hidden stencils unveiled after 50 years."

                                                                Chapel Windows

 New day-Chapel at the Cathedral was opened officially in May 2005.
                                                                        (Link 2.)

Note:  "Spectacular Stained glass windows" Suzanne Wilson 2011.
Photos: Taken in 2011 by SW.
Reference: St. Francis De Sales Cathedral, A short history of the Cathedral
                parish... 1908-2008.  Information and quotes.
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               (See this link for extensive photos of the cathedral.)
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