Sunday, May 1, 2011

                                                                                                                      May 1, 2011
312 W. Hawthorne Road

Whitworth Community Presbyterian Church
Spokane, Washington

"Whitworth University is a private Christian liberal arts college located in Spokane, Washington, that offers Bachelor's and Master's degrees in a variety of academic disciplines. It is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). The university, which has an enrollment of 2,675 students, offers 55 undergraduate and graduate programs.[2

"In 1883 founder George Whitworth established the Sumner Academy in Sumner, a small town in Washington Territory.  The school was incorporated in 1890 as Whitworth College.  In 1899 the college moved to Tacoma.  When a Spokane developer offered land just before World War I, the college moved once more. In September 1914 classes were held for the first time in Spokane." (See Link.)

Whiteworth Community Presbyterian Church owns the property it sits on at 312 W. Hawthorne Rd., Spokane, on the south west corner of the Whitworth University campus. "...the church  "has had eight homes in its 75 years (as of 1999).  It has added to these until the present structure that we know as WCPC.  Each has been a building block to the present and has a story to tell.

"Whitworth College was 7 years old when people met to start a Sunday School near the campus at the far north end of Spokane.  The year was 1921 and the first home was Whitworth Grade School.  Three years later the college invited the people to join with them to start a Vesper church service on the campus...

After World War II area military buildings were sold.  The first one to be bought was by the Presbyterian church meeting on Whitworth College campus. It was the chapel from the Baxter Military Hospital.  "The chapel took two days to move and 75 people helped... only one window was broken...Whitworth Chapel was the only church north of the city limits!" 

Tiffany Hall

"The structure was dedicated to a deceased military officer, " Rev. Frank Tiffany was chosen since he had been a pastor in Sandpoint, Idaho.  He had been lost at sea as a prisoner of war.  The Japanese ship he was on was torpedoed by U. S. forces in the Philippines... Tiffany Chapel was officially dedicated in 1951.

"In 1957 membership was at 523..." and a new building was needed.  "In 1959 came the official dedication of the new church..." (This is the present sanctuary.)
                           Sanctuary of Whitworth Community Presbyterian Church

In 1972 Tiffany Hall was remodeled and a choir loft added to the sanctuary. "
(In the center of this balcony choir loft is the acoustic organ and pipes."

                                                                  Acoustic Organ  

In 1970 a Christian Education wing was approved and started... In 1995 Quill Hall (and gymnasium) was dedicated and with it began our "contemporary"services..." Church membership reached the "average attendance (of) over 1000 for each Sunday."

Thank you: To Barbara Lee, Administrative Assistant, Communications,  for
                         the tour of the church and e mailing me the reference below.
Reference: Diamond Anniversary Memories, 1999. All not attributed quotes are
                         from this source.


God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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