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Sixth Street Methodist Church, 1910*
South West Corner of St. Georges Avenue

Sixth Street Methodist Church/ St. Andrew's United Church/North Shore Lutheran Church
North Vancouver, B.C.

Sixth Street Methodist Church was built in 1910 on the south west corner of St. Georges Avenue. The 1910 Fire Insurance Map describes the building as being "22' to the Eaves" and "37' to the Ridge".  The January 1910 Express North Vancouver newspaper described the opening festivities.

                  "The opening services in connection with the new Methodist
                    church, corner St. George and 6 th Street, were held on 
                    Sunday morning, afternoon and evening...The morning
                    theme was "Christ in the 'Treasury'...The evening theme
                    was "The Church of Christ, Her Message and Her Mission."

In 1922 the church was damaged by fire and a building permit for $750 was applied for to repair the damage. (Building Permit at the North Vancouver Archives.) In 1926 it joined  St. Andrew's Presbyterian  to form St. Andrew's United Church.  At the time of the union Sixth Street Methodist had a membership of 140, a Sunday School membership of  134  and the value of its property was  $7,050 (including value of parsonage). The Sixth Street Methodist Church building was referred to in the 1926 City Directory as the Sixth Street United Church.  In 1928 the Sixth Street Hall  (167 East 6th Street) underwent alterations. In 1930 the City Directory calls it "St. Andrew's Church (Gym) Hall". (Link 1 and City Directories.)

Sixth Street Methodist
(1910 Fire Insurance Map)

"In the 1940’s the American Lutheran Church’s (ALC) presence on the North Shore began with North Shore Lutheran Church at 167 East 6th Street, North Vancouver, BC. (The 1944 City Directory lists it as "United Church Hall".  The 1945 City Directory lists it as "North Shore Lutheran Church.) The first pastor, Rev. Arne A. Berstad, was installed February 24, 1952 and served until October 9, 1955. The 1956 address was listed in the City Directory as 177 East 6th Street.  After a two-year hiatus, a new mission congregation of the (then) American Lutheran Church was formed. In 1955 the Home Mission Board of the ELC (Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Canadian arm of ALC) made a decision to relocated to the growing subdivision being developed in Westlynn Park. (By this time 167 East 6th Street was part of the area surrounding the Victoria Park boulevard in the City of North Vancouver that was designated for building of apartments.) Mount Olivet was established at its present site on Mountain Highway. On February 12, 1956, Rev. L. Tom Nilson held the first worship service." (Link 2.)

Photo: *From Pamphlet "St. Andrew's United Church, 1925-1975" available at
              the North Vancouver Archives.
Reference 1: 1910 Fire Insurance Map
Reference 2: History of St. Andrew's and St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church
                 pages 1-15 out of 23, given to SW January 2013 by Angela Edmonds.
Link 1: 
Link 2:

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