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133 East 4th Street

The Gospel Hall
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

"The Gospel Hall brethren are a group of independent Christian assemblies throughout the world that fellowship with each other through a set of shared Biblical doctrines and practices. Theologically, they are evangelical and dispensational....they usually describe themselves simply as "Christians" gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus,...They are not a denomination in the normal sense of the word....Gospel Hall brethren would claim to follow the "pattern" of New Testament church doctrine...As such they recognise no central ecclesiastical authority, no formal creed, no prescribed liturgy nor any ordained salaried ministry. Each assembly is an autonomous locally functioning body of baptised believers, recognising the final authority of the Bible and led by a plurality of elders." (Link 1.)

Welcoming plaque on the front of The Gospel Hall

Allan McCurrie, "one of the Trustees", outlines the history of The Gospel Hall in North Vancouver.  "Before coming to our present building at 133 E. 4th St. in 1929, we were in rented accommodation at 6th and Lonsdale on the west side from 1915-1919, 1919-1920 at 120 East 2nd St.,and later in 1920 at 4th and Lonsdale, NW corner."

The 1921 City Directory confirms the 4th and Lonsdale NW corner location. It lists The Gospel Hall in North Vancouver  at #403 Lonsdale Ave in 1921.  This was the middle of the three stores in the 1912 building on the north west  corner of Lonsdale Ave. at West 4th Street.  The building also is listed as having rooms.  The Des Brisay Department Store occupied #401 in 1913 and at least to 1920.  Others who occupied #403 during the time The Gospel Hall was a resident were Lonsdale College of Music and Tailor Richard Willoughby.  The last listing of the Gospel Hall at this address was 1929.

Scripture plaque on front of The Gospel Hall

The Building Permit Book at the North Vancouver Archives lists a permit being applied for in 1928 to construct the Gospel Hall at 133 East 4th Street.  The applicant was C.A. Copp.  The architect for this $4000 structure was S. D. 
Taylor.  The main meeting hall of the two story church is on the upper floor.  
The hall has wood panelling on the side walls up to the windows and covering the front wall.  A large lectern is in the front of the hall and chairs provide seating.

Scripture plaque on rear of The Gospel Hall

The 1930 Fire Insurance Map at the North Vancouver Archives indicates that The Gospel Hall was at  133 East 4th Street.  

The Gospel Hall continues to be used  for worship today with meetings on Sundays and Tuesday evening. Times of the meetings and scripture plaques on the front and back of the building announce the Christian message of The Gospel Hall.

(SW Observation of the Sanctuary: The simple hall had wood panelling on the sides up to the windows.  The front was also wood panelled, this time to the ceiling.  In a recess there was a large lecturn "my guide told me that is what to call it" and a chair on each side.  The chairs were casually placed in the hall.)

Thank you: To Allan McCurrie for his helpful information. Photo: Taken November 2012 by SW.
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