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1930 Diamond Road
Garibaldi Highlands

St. John Anglican Church
Squamish, B.C., Canada

"The term Squamish, meaning " Mother of the Wind", "people of the sacred water" and "Dream Killer"..." (Link 2.)

"Squamish (/ˈskwɔːmɪʃ/; 2011 census population 17,158) is a community and adistrict municipality in the Canadian province of British Columbia, located at the north end of Howe Sound on the Sea to Sky Highway....The town of Squamish had its beginning during the construction of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway in the 1910s. It was the first southern terminus of that railway (now a part of CN). The town remains important in the operations of the line and also the port. Forestry has traditionally been the main industry in the area, and the town's largest employer was the Western Forest Products pulp mill. However, Western Pulp's Squamish Operation permanently ceased operation on January 26, 2006....In recent years, Squamish has become popular with Vancouver and Whistler residents' escaping the increased cost of living in those places, both less than one hour away by highway. Tourism is an increasingly important part of the town's economy, with an emphasis in outdoor recreation." (Link 3.)

stjohnsold"There has been a continuing Anglican presence in the Squamish area since the late nineteenth century when settlers were arriving to farm the land. Many settlers were of British descent and being able to worship here was key to their staying. In 1894 Miss Anne Barbara Edwards (later Mrs. Harry Judd) began a Bible Study class on Sundays.
In 1912 the Rev. Allan Greene began to minister in Newport (Squamish) and Brackendale every two weeks, arriving at the dock in his mission boat, “Eirene”, and traveling north on horseback or railway handcart. With his help the settlers were able to raise $1,000. and procure a piece of property donated by the new Pacific Great Eastern Railway, as well as a loan from the Diocese of New Westminster in order to build the church of St. John the Divine on 6th Avenue, completed in July of 1913. The little 25’ by 50’ church building  (It is now a personal residence.) served St. John’s for many years until the Garibaldi Highlands began to expand. In 1965 Mr. Pat Goode donated a piece of property in Garibaldi Estates where a rectory was built, followed by a church hall in 1976 which was used as church sanctuary and hall for the next 24 years. This central location became the home of our current sanctuary built in 2000.

Front door and right wing of church
(Steeple has structure to hold lights for Christmas star.)
Over the years there have been scores of faithful Anglican lay people and clergy who have ministered to folks living in the Sea to Sky corridor, from Woodfibre to Pemberton. We plan to celebrate the rich heritage of these ‘saints’ past and present throughout the last century in our centennial year of 2013." (Link 1.)

The present church, built in the year 2000 and in the photos above, is a one story building with a wing on either side of the front entrance.  Above the front entrance is a square steeple. The front of each wing is a wide hall leading to the  entrance foyer which also leads to the doors of the sanctuary.  The rear of the left wing of the church, in the top photo, shows the windows of the sanctuary.  The nave windows are behind the cross in the bottom photo.  The pews face this corner nave.

The sanctuary wall hanging were made by the women of the congregation. The group started quilting in 1976.  All quilts were hand quilted and hand appliqued. Some quilts were memorials or tributes to friends. The Madonna hanging even includes satin from the wedding dress of quilter Maureen McDougall. 
(Set up for "Sea to Sky" singer's Christmas concert.)
(Note Rose Window and Madonna Hangings.)

Spirit Hanging

The Pall

For more information on the wall hangings see the separate Blog Post published December 23, 2012.

Thank you: To congregation members Andrea Gaulius and Maureen McDougall 
                 for information and identification of the banners.
Photos: Taken in December 2012 by SW.
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God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen

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