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                                                                                                     December 16, 2012

Mechanics' Hall 
(North Vancouver Archives #13270)

Moodyville Methodist Church
Moodyville, B.C. Canada

"The Reverend Ebenezer Robson, a Methodist minister...travelled from New Westminster to the inlet in the spring of 1865 to bring the gospel message to the locals.  In his diary for June 19, Robson wrote: 'Rode out to Burrard Inlet, and crossing over in a canoe preached to 15 persons at Moody and Co's mills after supper; good attention and invitation to come again.  Rode back after dark, arriving home about 10 p.m.  this was the first sermon on the inlet.' : (REF 1.)  "...a year later, Catholic missionaries began working among the local Indian people." (REF 2.)

Rev. Ebenezer Robson
(REF 1.)

"Moodyville (at the south end of Moody Avenue, now Moodyville Park), is the oldest settlement on Burrard Inlet,... Logging came to the virgin forests of Douglas Fir in North Vancouver, as sailing ships called in to load. A water-powered sawmill was set up in the 1860s at Moodyville, by Sewell Moody. Subsequently, post offices, schools and a village sprang up." (Link.)  "1901 the Moodyville  Sawmill closes....1915 Moodyville is incorporated into the City of North Vancouver.... 1916 The abandoned Moodyville sawmill is destroyed by fire." (REF 3.)

"The Methodist Church did not construct a building, but conducted worship services at Moodyville in the cookhouse, schoolhouse and the Mechanics Institute Hall." (REF 4.) (See Map  below.) 

Early Moodyville
(Note: School on left, Cookhouse on right.
The Mill is at the bottom. REF 8.)

"Article 10 of the Bylaws and Constitution of the Mechanics Institute, founded in 1869, provides for the room to be at the disposal of preachers of the Gospel of all denominations, for holding Divine Service, free of charge." (REF 7.)  " the school house I saw hymn books of the Methodist Church.  Sunday School was held frequently and at times church services for the elders." (REF 5.) "The community centre of Moodyville was the "Mechanics' Institute", a two-story building.  Upstairs was the Masonic Hall ...In the hall was an organ which was taken downstairs on special occasions....The "Institute", complete with the organ of the Masonic Lodge was regularly used for worship whenever a minister of any denomination came." (REF 6.) Building a separate church was considered at an Institute meeting in 1880, but "the proposal was finally withdrawn..." (Map.)

Photos: Mechanic's Institute-Copied and Photoshopped, North Vancouver
                          Archives. Rev. Ebenezer Robson-Copied from REF 1. and Photo-
Map-North Vancouver Archives #225, "Sketch of Moodyville Sawmill Site",
                         Rodgers Burns.  School and Cookhouse colored 
                          pink by SW.

Reference 1. The Pioneer Years 1774-1886, 
                          by Derek Patrick.

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Reference 7. Minute Book of the Mechanics' Institute, property of the
                          Vancouver Public Library.


God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. 

Give strength to the grieving family in Newtown Connecticut.


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