Sunday, April 20, 2014

                                                                                                                               April 20, 2014

81-500 Miles Ave. at Clinton Ave.

Trinity Lutheran Church
Indio, California

"Trinity Lutheran Church in Indio had its beginnings in January 1940, when services were held in the Woman's Club of Coachella...(In 1949) the property at the corner of Park and Requa Street Indio was purchased, and a World War II Army Hospital and Barracks unit was moved to the new church site....the two units ... were converted into a sanctuary and parsonage.  Church Church was dedicated on October 19, 1948....

"Formal organization of the Church took place on May 12, 1949.... In July 1960 the original buildings were sold to the First Methodist Church, and the congregation purchased the property at  Miles and Clinton Streets, where the church is now located.

Construction of church on Miles and Clinton, 1949

"A parsonage, sanctuary, and education building were erected at a cost of $100,000.  Many hours of volunteer made this possible.  Our present church facility was dedicated on Sunday, October 8, 1961.

Sanctuary entrance

Window above Sanctuary entrance doors

"Trinity's sanctuary has several unique architectural elements which make it an Indio landmark.  The elegant arc of the soaring a-frame is detailed with stained glass panels and culminates with a cross at its pinnacle.  The one of a kind rock chinking was painstakingly cut by hand and individually placed. The diamond shaped windows had to be completely redone because the manufacturer made them all the same size-in reality the windows grow in size as they march toward to front of the chancel....


"The use of natural stone, wood, sky blue beams and altar backdrop, as well as strategically placed windows contribute to the light, airy feeling of the interior. making it a house of light and life.

 "The original pews, still in use today were purchased by families or individual members.  the decorative wrought iron Trinity symbol which graces the altar and communion railings were crafted and donated by congregation member Clarence Moe. (As was the hammered bronze altar cross.)" (REF.)

                                       Trinity Lutheran Child Development Center

The Lutheran Child Development Center (a preschool/daycare center) adjacent to the church  was constructed by "the Laborers for Christ and Church member volunteers.  The 7,000 square foot building was completed in the fall of 1989." (REF.)

Photos: Taken in February 2014 by SW.
Reference: Trinity Lutheran Church, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, 50th 
                       Anniversary, 1949-1999.


God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen

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