Sunday, June 15, 2014

                                                                                                                                June 15, 2014

821 West 15th Street

Vision for the World Church
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

"The practice of Christianity in Korea revolves around two of its largest branches, Protestantism and Catholicism, accounting for 8.6 million and 5.3 million members respectively.

"The influence on education has been decisive as Christians started 293 schools and 40 universities including 3 of the top 5 academic institutions.Protestantism is seen as the religion of the middle class, youth, intellectuals, and urbanites, and has been central to South Korea's pursuit of modernity and emulation of the United States." (Link 2.)

There are several Korean Christian congregations in North Vancouver.  One, renting space on the first floor in a commercial building in the City of North on West 15th Street, is the Vision For the World Church.  The sandwich board marque out front, headed in both Korean and English, states the name of the church-Vision For the World Church.  Listed below, translated from the Korean, is a list of the services held at the church. (See photo below.)

                                                              Sunday Service: 2:30 pm
                                                              Sunday School: 3:30 pm
                                                              Daily Early Morning Service: Mon.-Fri-06:00 am
                                                              Wednesday  Service: 1 pm
                                                              Friday Service: 09 pm
                                                              Phone Number

Sandwich Board Marque of Services

Two banners in the front window to the left of the front door announce the mission of this Christian church.  The green banner on the left states "Healing, Restoration/and Vision for the World."  

Banners Announcing the Mission of the Church

Services are  held in the auditorium/Sanctuary. (See photo below.)  On the front right hand side is another banner.  This banner announces the message "Embrace Yourself, Your Family, and the World."


Auditorium/Sanctuary Banner

In the rear of the auditorium/Sanctuary is a table with a Cross, an  Offering Center and Church Bulletin Board.  The envelopes sitting on the right hand side of the table are marked with congregation member's names and color codes for type of offering: tithe, building fund, or mission fund.  The envelopes holding the contributions are then placed in the circular box marked with a cross.

The Church Bulletin Board above has three color coded sections: this Church, Missions, Other.

Cross, Offering Center and Church Bulletin Board

The Sunday Bulletin/Order of Service is also in Korean.  The cover states "He Knows the Sadness We Have Felt".  Inside is the Order of Service:

                                                         Pray all together
                                                         Bible Reading-Response of Reading
                                                                     Selected Psalms and Proverbs
                                                         Reading of Bible Scripture
                                                         Singing-of the Churches Song
                                                         Next Week's Schedule
                                               (Communion is held once a  year.)

Sunday Bulletin/Order of Service

The back page of the Bulletin/Order of Service relays news on the missionaries the church is supporting in Kenya and Guatemala.  

Crosses made by the Sunday School
(In window to the right of the front door.)

Resource Person: Thank you to Christina Yun, neighbor and former 
                 congregation member of Vision for the World Church.
Photos: Taken and photoshopped in May 2014 by SW.
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God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.

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