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City Center
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Evangelical Reformed Church
Winterthur, Switzerland

Stained Glass Window

"Winterthur (/ˈvɪntərtʊər/German pronunciation: [ˈvɪntərtuːr]) is a city in the canton of Zürich in northern Switzerland. It has the country's sixth largest population with an estimate of more than 100,000 people. In the local dialect and by its inhabitants, it is usually abbreviated as Winti. Today Winterthur is a service and high tech industry centre, but many people make use[how?] of its proximity to Zürich, which lies approximately 30 kilometres (19 mi) to the south-west, and only 18 minutes by train." (Link 1.)

Stained Glass Window

The History of church dates to the 7th / 8th Century, when a simple wooden hall building was built on the site of the parish church; it was replaced by a solid construction in the 9th century. In the early Middle Ages, the church was repeatedly damaged by fires in the city and had to rebuild it. The oldest, still existing part is  the early Gothic choir of 1244 . The nave was built from 1508 to 1538, the windows date from 1853 to 1856. (Link 2.)

Stained Glass Window

The oldest traces of the North Tower, which originally stood alone, are  from 1180 to 1362. The South Tower was built from 1486-1490; now only the foundation is original.  The present clock was installed in 1923. (Link 2.)

Stained Glass Window

In the Sanctuary, the pulpit is from 1854 by a sculptor named Egger from Konstanz.  The baptismal font is by Hans Conrad and from the year 1656. (Link 2.)

                                                  The choir organ with its stained glass windows
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The organ originated in the  monastery at Salem and was from 1766 to 1768 and built by Charles Joseph Riepp.  The casing is from 1888.  It has  56 registers , 3 manuals and pedal board,  all from the original organ. (Link 2.)

Photos: Taken by Richard Wilson while living in Zurich, Switzerland 2014.  
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God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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