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1200 Parkgate Avenue

Mount Seymour United Church
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

"Mount Seymour United Church is a congregation of the United Church of Canada which was formed by the union of the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational Churches in 1925.

The April 28th, 1989 edition of the North Shore News reported that the congregation of Mount Seymour United Church was "worshiping in the Seycove School gym since September while waiting for the church to be completed" at 1200 Parkgate. (REF. 2.)

Sod Turning at 1200 Parkgate (REF. 1)

"Mount Seymour United Church (at 1200 Parkgate) opened its doors on April 30, 1989.  It was built by the congregations of Deep Cove United Church in Deep Cove (See Blog Post 4/10/11.), and Mount Seymour United Church on Berkley Road which had shared ministry since 1952. 

Deep Cove United Church
(2013   Photo)

Seymour Heights United Church (REFS  a.)

"Faced with a growing community the decision was made to develop a more centrally located worship facility that would also be accessible to many community groups." (Link.) The building of the church on Parkgate was a $1,5000,000 project. The architect was Philip Harrison of Paul Smith and Associates with the construction company being Fairmile Construction. (REFS c.)
Sanctuary Chancel

The Sanctuary " seats 300 people in stadium style cushioned pews. The acoustics are excellent and it is a wonderful venue for concerts, recording sessions, large meetings and other special events. The sanctuary has state of the art sound and projection systems that can be rented. Hearing aid users can activate the T-switch on their aids to link into our sound system. Hearing devices are available." (Link.)

"The wooden cross (See Sanctuary photo above.) was originally from Deep Cove United Church.  It was refinished by James Fulton and put up for a Lenten service in 2005.  As the story goes after Lent, Dermott McInnes said, "It looks good" and so it stayed."(REFS. d.)


The pulpit frontal "was made in 1991 by Anthea Mallison, a ...North Vancouver tapestry artist....In the center is a cross; behind it is a circle representing the sun or a source of spiritual light....Around that is a circular band with images of native plants to represent the earth.  surrounding that is another circular band containing images from the ocean to represent water.   The four corners are blue rays representing air.  Thus all four traditional elements of creation are displayed." (REFS d.)


The center of the backlit stained glass window on the north wall of the sanctuary was made by Eric Bennett shortly after the new building was open.  "The window features the crest of the United Church of Canada, the burning bush representing the Presbyterian church, the open Bible representing the Methodist congregations and the white dove for the Congregationalists.  The fourth section is the symbol of the United church, the alpha and omega....It was dedicated to those who served in the 2nd World War." (REFS. d)

Bennett Stained Glass Window
(Mounted on North Wall of Sanctuary)

"The banner which hangs on the south wall of the sanctuary was designed and created by members of our congregation....The hills in the banner are part of the landscape surrounding our church.  In Psalm 121, hills and mountains serve as a reminder of the majesty of God's creation....The ocean in the banner is reminiscent of the view from Deep Cove...The first century fishing boat recalls the story of Jesus' encounter with Simon, James and John....the calming of the storm....The rays of the sun ... are images of the light which flows through the windows of our sanctuary....As we look at the banner we are reminded of our creation, our salvation and our calling."  Made in 1989. (REFS. c.)

Sea of Galilee Banner
(Mounted on South Wall of Sanctuary)

The baptismal font was purchased specifically for the new building.  The font was donated by Jean Cliff in Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Paterson and the bowl was donated by Jim and Donna Crook, Art More and Bruce More in Memory of Rev. Bill and Elsie More.  The old font from Deep Cove Church was refurbished by James Fulton and is now used as a flower stand." (REFS. d.)

Baptismal Font
The "Lobby Area (outside the Sanctuary)... features skylights and two sets of double doors opening onto a green space. It can comfortably accommodate up to 250 people and provides a perfect setting for receptions and other gatherings. The Church’s Large Hall holds up to 250 people and can be set up for meetings and other gatherings such as receptions, parties and dinners. Our meeting rooms can accommodate up to 20 people per room."(Link.)
Parkgate Ave. side of Mount Seymour United Church

Note: See Blog Post 8/3/14 for map of location of churches mentioned.
            See Blog Post 8/10/14 for more information on Seymour Heights
                    United Church.
Photos: Taken in April 2014 by SW.
Reference 1: North Shore News, June 5, 1988, available at the North Vancouver
Reference 2: North Shore News, April 1989, available at the North Vancouver
Reference 3: Citizen, August 1, 1963, available at the North Vancouver 
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                                                         United Church"
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(Note: These references are on file at the North Vancouver Archives.)


God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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