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"Church on the Egg"
Alte Kirche Wollinshofen

"Church on the Egg"/Alte Kirche Wollinshofen
 (New Church)
 Zurich, Switzerland

"The highly visible church on the Egg is clothed entirely with limestone. It captivates by its pure form and its imposing size.

"in 1913...the parish Wollishofen (bought) the land, 9267 m2, by the municipality of Zurich. They planned to build the church by Zwingli anniversary in 1919. The first World War and the subsequent bad years but this made ​​it impossible. Only in 1929 was a competition, the architectural firm Henauer + Witschi as the winner.1934, the construction loan of Fr 1'325'000 -. granted. On July 17, 1935, ground was broken and on 12 September 1937, the church was inaugurated with a big party. In 1989, an interior and exterior renovation by architect Alfred Trachsel." (Link.)

Clock Tower

The stark architecture features a high square clock tower with three slotted windows on each side.  The Sanctuary is a rectangular block with a curved end and vertical slit windows, but  no stained glass windows. The metal front doors are embellished with stars.

"The entire ensemble consisting of church, rectory with classroom and row of houses close surroundings is included in the inventory of protected objects of local significance. On the outer skin (shell) with a copper roof, siding, doors and windows including all details nothing can be changed.

Front Door of Church

"Also referred to as worthy of protection is the interior of the church with the sophisticated Space Agency and the harmonious interplay of colors, shapes and materials. The church has stylistic features of the new style and presents itself as the representative of moderate modernism. Even contemporary critics praised the "solemn dignity" of the church building. (Link.)

Sanctuary Chancel

Note that a guitar player is sitting on the chancel and practicing. (See left side of photo above.) 


The pulpit is stylized with vertical strips and a curved top.  The altar repeats the vertical strip pattern and has block letters edging the top.


"Artworks The following artworks are particularly noteworthy: - wall painting by Paul Bodmer "Three angels with scrolls" . - Mural by Sven Knebel in the entrance area - bas-relief on the south facade of Otto Banninger "The Feeding the Five Thousand "." (Link.)

Three Angels With Scrolls

"The imposing "new" Church On the Egg dominates the small hill in the center of Wollishofen. It is surrounded by green areas and a large square, which is used for religious services and also for the Christmas market. From the church you can enjoy a wonderful view of the old Wollishofen and the lake. 

Looking Down the Hill From the New Church to the Old Church

"More information
  • The old church can be rented for special events or concerts. More information is available on the side rental or Mr. Patrick Boltshauser the Secretariat of the parish.
  • Here you will find the parish house in the Zurich city map ." (Link.)
Note: More on the "Old Church" at Blog Post 9/14/14.

Photos: Taken in June 2014 by Richard Wilson while living and working in 
                 Basel, Switzerland.  His work also takes him across the border to small
                 towns in Germany.

God, be with persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen (SW.)

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