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North Vancouver, B.C. Canada
1.-approximate location of Munro Church

Munro Church
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

The first United Church to be built on Berkley Road in the eastern section of the District of North Vancouver was Munro Church.  This church, built south of Mount Seymour Parkway in 1928 was named after the retired minister Rev. J. R. Munro that "gave himself with enthusiasm to the erection of a church at Berkley Heights....the name 'Munro Church' had been sanctioned by Presbytery for this building."

"The congregation of  (now named) Seymour Heights (United Church) had its start in the early 1930's.  The first church home of the congregation was a small church with a basement located on Berkley Road, south of the present Mount Seymour Parkway." (Munro Church)  This church had an organ. "In 1942 the original church was sold and services were held in Seymour Heights Hall..."For 15 years, Seymour Heights United has been meeting in Seymour Heights Community Hall while planning a church of its own." (See photo below.) (REF. b.)

Seymour Heights Community Hall
2702 East Keith Road
(North Vancouver Photo Archives #MA146 )

The 1960 City Directory lists the Seymour Heights Hall as being  at 2702 Keith Rd., on the north side of the street.

"By the mid-1950's it was apparent that a church home was required.  Land was purchased on Berkley Road... During this period the church organ was faithfully stored in Stewart's chicken house...The site(of the new church) is west of Berkeley Road, north of Keith, running from the intersection of Dogwood, south 300 feet on Berkeley, with a depth running from 100 feet at the south half, to 200 at the north....There is a fine view down Burrard Inlet, over the city to Vancouver Island. (REF.) 

Note: For more information see Blog Post 8/10/2014 and 8/17/2014.
Thank you: To Kathryn Clinton, Mount Seymour United Church
                      Administrator for copies of history references.
References: Received from Mount Seymour United Church files:
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                                        Dedication-Sunday, September 13th, 1959."
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Map References: 1. Munro Church, 1928-1942
                                2. Seymour Heights United Church, 1959-1989
                                3. Mount Seymour United Church, 1989-present
                                4. Deep Cove United Church, 1950-1989

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