Sunday, January 3, 2016

Canterbury Cathedral

Churches On Sundays
Year 2015


Canada-Alberta-Hythe-Valhalla Centre-Valhalla Lutheran Church, 5/31/15.

British Columbia

Canada-B.C.-North Vancouver District-Church Histories/Lynn Valley, 6/11/15.
Canada-B.C.-North Vancouver District-Posthumous Churches, 2/8/15.
Canada-B.C.-North Vancouver District-St. Simon's Anglican Church, 1/25/15.
Canada-B.C.-North Vancouver District-Booklets on File at the North
                           Vancouver Archives, Posthumous and Active Churches of North 
                           Vancouver City, North Vancouver District, and Adjacent Native 
                           Lands, 12/27/15. 
Canada-B.C.-City of North Vancouver, Special Feature/Robin's Diary, 7/11/15.
Canada-B.C.-City of North Vancouver, Sutherland Church/St. Timothy's 
                           Anglican Church, 10/4/15.
Canada-B.C.-North Vancouver, Article "Archivist helps history live forever",


France-Municipality of Monnetier-Mornex Haute Savoie-Church in Monnetier-
                Mornex, 9/3/15. 


Germany-Cologne-Cologne Cathedral, 1/11/15.


Italy-Magreglio-Madonna del Ghisallo, 5/17/15.

South Georgia

 South Georgia-Grytvika-The Whaler Church/Kirken I Grytvika, 2/1/15.


Spain-Andalusia-Seville- Seville Cathedral/Cathedral of St. Mary of the  See, 


Switzerland-Basel-Peterskirsch, 9/2/15.
Switzerland-St. Gallen-St. Otmar Catholic Church, 9/7/15.
Switzerland-Davos-St. Johann Reform Church11/22/15.
Switzerland-Zurich-Kirche Neumunster11/8/15.

United States

Cruise Ship-Vancouver B.C. to Inside Passage Alaska-Vancouver Cruise Ship 
                         Norwegian Sun-Chapel, 10/11/15.
Alaska-Juneau-St. Nicolas Russian Orthodox Church, 10/18/15.
Alaska-Ketchican-St. John's Episcopal Church, 11/1/15.
Alaska-Skagway-St. Therese of the Child Jesus Catholic Church, 10/25/15.

South Dakota

South Dakota-Rapid City-"Special Feature Remembrance Day"' 11/11/15.


Photo:Canterbury Cathedral ceramic coaster by RWL, London. Photo by SW.

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