Sunday, January 31, 2016

Zurich Train Station (Google)

Bahnhof Kirche/Station Church/Chapelle de Gare
Zurich Main Station,
Zurich, Switzerland

Entrance to Station Church (Link 1.)

"The Station Church in Zurich's main station is a ecumenical and inter-religious institution. It was in June 2001 as the first station Church of Switzerland inaugurated.

Sign Above Doors of Chapel (RW.)

"The aim of the station Church is to offer people space and time for prayer and conversations in the anonymity of the station.

Chapel Seating (Link 1.)

"Because of their status as interfaith church are in addition to the Bible and the scriptures of other religions and in different languages ​​Muslims a prayer rugprovided. The Station Church is visited daily from 300 to 500 persons. 40 percent of whom are men. On weekdays, five Christian find daily devotions held, one on Saturdays and holidays.

Chapel at Christmas (RW.)

"In the premises of the station church there is the possibility to during the opening times pastoral conversations. You can be anonymous and unpaid perceived without registration. Daily contact between five and ten people.

Station chapel Entrance (Link 2.)

"The Station Church is a joint institution of the Evangelical Reformed Church of the Canton Zurich and the Roman Catholic Church of the Canton of Zurich, the Association of stadtz├╝rcherischen Reformed congregations and the Association of Roman Catholic parishes of the city of Zurich. It has an annual budget of approximately 500,000 Swiss francs." (Link 1.)

Photos: Taken in January 2016 on i Phone by RW while living in Basel Switzerland.
Link 1: (translation)
Link 2: (translation)


God, be with persecuted Christians throughout the world. Amen (SW.)

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