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                                                                                                           September 9, 2012

St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church
220 West 8th Street
View from West 13th Street-2012

September-Celebrating St. John's
St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada 

"The first Anglican church on the North Shore, St. John the Evangelist Parish was begun and organized as a mission in 1899. The first services were held in private residences and later in a small building at 13th Street and Lonsdale Ave. (Dorman's Shack, See Blog Post 9/2/12.) ... . In 1900, the church was built on the present site... as a Mission Church. This building was enlarged to double its capacity in 1907. (See Blog Post 9/9/12.)

1900 Church (REF.)

"In March 1909, the cornerstone of the church (Architect-John James Bastion Honeyman-Link 3.) was laid and the Mission formally became a self-supporting parish. Opening services were held in July of the same year and the boundaries of the parish were extended. The Rectory was built in 1912 and a Chapel was added at the end of the Great War. In 1926, St. John's was fully incorporated as a Parish.  (See Blog Post 9/16/12.)

1909 Church (REF.)

"In 1985, St. John's was destroyed by fire and the Memorial Hall became the church for over two years. A new building was dedicated... in 1987." (Link 1.)

The 1987 church looks like a Gothic Cathedral of rough cement block and tinted glass.  It commands the point of the triangle of land formed by West 13th Street and West 8th Avenue.  It was described in "The History of Metropolitan Vancouver" (Link 4.)   "Dr. Kalman also liked St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church, at 220 West 8th Street, North Vancouver, architect Keith Watson-Donald. “The familiar characteristics of traditional Gothic and Gothic Revival churches—pointed arches, buttresses, and light-transmitting windows—are all recalled in this attractive Post-Modern church located on a strategic corner site. Glazed turrets with pyramidal roofs surround the steeply gabled masonry-and-glass nave.”

The front of the church on West 13th Street features a stepped arch and circular empty window  lighting the front doors below.  A peaked cement block arch surrounds the entrance to the Sanctuary with a large circular window  above the oak front double doors.  In the exterior cement floor of the  entrance area are laid the corner stones the 1900 and 1909 churches built on this site.  The corner stone for this church, 1987, is in the right side of the base of the arch.

Front Doors to Sanctuary-2012
(Facing West 13th Street)

Atop the peaked roof of the church an "empty cross" points to the heavens as do the six tinted glass towers edging the cement block building.

An East Side Exterior Tower Window-2012

The broad  interior of the Sanctuary features a two story window behind the altar, a small chapel area to the front right, a baptismal font to the far right, and oak pews. To the immediate right of the altar is the eagle lectern that survived the 1985 fire in the 1909 church. 


Two Story Window Behind the Altar-2012

Top Stained Glass Window
Ascension Window
The top stained glass panel in the two story window behind the altar is the Ascension Window.  This same design was at the east end of the 1909 church.  It was badly damaged in the 1985 fire.  However, the original artisans still had the templates, so it was rebuilt and installed in the new 1987 church. (REF.)

Bottom Stained Glass Window
Good Shepherd Window
The bottom stained glass panel in the two story window behind the altar is the Good Shepherd Window.  This is original window from the 1909 church.  It survived the 1985 fire and was reinstalled in the new church, 1987. (REF.)

 Stained Glass Windows on the South Wall of the Chapel

The chapel area of the sanctuary is to the west of the altar.  It is designated by a semi circle of oak chairs, a table of candles, and a panel of six small stained glass windows.  The windows are original from the 1909 church.  They were given by the children of the Sunday school to be part of the baptistry in the 1909 church. (REF.)

Rear Stained Glass Window
Te Deum Window

In the rear on the north wall of the Sanctuary , high above the banks of oak pews, is the stained glass Te Deum Window.  A window of this design was in the 1909 church but badly damaged in the 1985 fire.  Again the original artisans had the template.  In rebuilding it they corrected it to include the previously missing St. Clement. (REF.)

Parish of St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church was also responsible for the establishment of:
                        1908-St. Clement's Anglican Church, Blog Post 11/23/11.
                        1909-St. Agnes Anglican Church, Blog Post 2/6/11.
                        1910-St. Thomas Anglican Church which later became
                                  St. Martin's Anglican Church
                        1934 -The Seamen's Institute
                        1943-St. Catherine's Anglican Church, Blog Post 1/16/11.
                        1950-St. Richard's Anglican Church, Blog Post 1/2/11.

These were all started as Missions. During this time the congregation of  the Parish of St. John's also built and maintained the 1900 church, the 1909 church, the Memorial Church Hall, and a rectory. The community of North Vancouver thanks  God for this dedicated and hard working congregation.

Thank you: To congregation members Jim Lawrence, Donna Lawrence, Alison
                         Brookfield, and Linda Harrison for review of this Blog Post.
                         To Allison Mulligan, volunteer office manager, for a tour of 
                         the church.
Photos: Black and White copied from book by Beth Lawrence by SW.
                        Colored photos taken in 2012 by SW.
Reference: Faithful People of God Parish of St. John's North Vancouver
                        by Beth Lawrence. Beth's grandfather Colin Jackson was a member
                       of the congregationin 1910.
Link 1:;rad 

Note: Entire history of  St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church, see Blog Posts:
            1890's Dorman's Shack, 9/2/12.
            1900 Church (Anne MacDonald Hall), 9/9/12.
            1909 Church and 1985 Fire, 9/16/12.
            1948 Memorial Hall (Church, 1985 to 1987), 9/23/12.
            1987 Church, 9/30/12.

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