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St. John the Evangelist
Memorial Hall 1948

September-Celebrating St. John's
St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church
Memorial Hall
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

After 30 year of talking about building a memorial Parish Hall on the property adjacent to the east side of the church it was completed in 1948.  The cost was  $17,000. "Much of the finishing work had been done by volunteers... The cross that had been atop the original church building (1900) was removed and placed over the main door of the Memorial Hall." It was dedicated in memory of the 24 young men from the church who had given their lives in the First and Second World Wars.
Main Door of Memorial Hall
(Note 1900 church cross above the door.)

On September 21, 1954 a newly renovated and extended Memorial Hall was opened.  "Plans for expansion of the Memorial Hall ...include(d) a two-story extension at the east end which would house a stage, an office, new washrooms, and a storage area.  The upper floor would include seven classrooms for the Sunday school." The completed cost was just under $22,000.

Memorial Hall 2012
(Note two story extension on the east end.) 

Following the complete destruction by fire of the main church building in 1985, the Memorial Hall became the "church". "The inside of the hall was painted, and the Sunday school rooms upstairs were turned over to the rector, assistant, and secretary, while the Sunday school was relocated..."  An altar was established in the main hall on the first floor.

Memorial Hall Altar
(1985 and 1986)

Over the years many church activities as well as community groups continue to hold functions and meetings in the Memorial Hall.

Quotes: From REF below, book by Beth Lawrence.

Thank you: To congregation members Jim Lawrence, Donna Lawrence, Alison
                         Brookfield, and Linda Harrison for review of this Blog Post.
Photos: Black and White copied from book by Beth Lawrence by SW.
                       Colored photo taken in 2012 by SW.
Reference: Faithful People of God Parish of St. John's North Vancouver
                       by Beth Lawrence.

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God, be with the persecuted Christians through out the world. Amen

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